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Geek deals: $290 off Dell Vostro 3560 15.6″ Core i7 Ivy Bridge 1080p laptop

There’s only something about a high fortitude shade that gets me giddy. Maybe it was a years being stranded with plain aged WXGA, or *gasp* XGA resolution, though a ton of pixels on a smaller shade only gives my geek-senses a tingle. We are indeed saying a change in a market, mostly interjection to Apple, towards high quality, high fortitude displays.

Of course, a normal consumer doesn’t know what a high-res shade is, though they do know what a Retina Display is. The some-more tech savvy among us have been penetrating to reap a advantages of some-more pixels for decades, though it’s a tough sell to someone who uses a mechanism like a fridge or microwave.

Now that tech is apropos portable, affordable, and absolute adequate to be used for business and pleasure flattering most anywhere, it’s not such a widen for consumers to open for a improved arrangement or compensate some-more for a reward design.

While Dell’s new Vostro 3560 laptop might not be as voluptuous as an iPhone, a tech behind it is utterly sparkling as well. That Full HD 1080p shade is a good start, and being 15.6-inches it takes full advantage of a 1920×1080 fortitude for both work and pleasure (1080p Blu-ray playback).

Dell’s laptop also has Intel’s newest 3rd era processors, in this box a absolute quad-core Core i7-3612QM processor. You also get 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics and a sexy, though still practical, backlit keyboard.

We don’t routinely see most in a approach of discounts on code new systems, generally tiny business-class machines like this, so a $290 assets on this Vostro 3560 is utterly impressive. Dell also has them in batch to boat a subsequent business day, so we don’t have to wait for it to be shipped from overseas.

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