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Heavily armed ‘joker’ hold in US

This undated welfare print supposing by a Prince George's Maryland County Police shows weapons found in a possession of a think who they contend was plotting a sharpened in his workplace.This troops print shows a guns found in possession of a suspect

A heavily armed male who called himself a “joker” has been arrested after melancholy his employer in a US state of Maryland, troops say.

Neil Prescott, 28, allegedly pronounced he was going to “load my guns and blow everybody up” during his workplace.

Wearing a t-shirt that review “guns don’t kill people. we do” when arrested, he was in a routine of being fired.

The think in final week’s electrocute during a Colorado Batman screening reportedly told troops he was The Joker.

Mark Magaw, troops arch of Prince George’s County in Maryland, told reporters they were holding “all threats seriously” in light of final Friday’s shootings.

“If you’re going to make a threat, we will take action,” he said.

‘Very quiet’

Mr Prescott had several thousand rounds of ammunition and about dual dozen firearms in his unit when it was searched by a authorities on Friday morning.

Police pronounced he was “very quiet” and associated when arrested during his home in Crofton, nearby Annapolis.

He allegedly done mixed threats this week, including revelation a administrator during a mailroom retailer where he worked that he wanted to see his “brain splatter on a floor”.

Mr Prescott was receiving a mental health analysis with charges pending.

Meanwhile, a counterclaim suit filed on Friday says that James Holmes, a think in a Colorado shooting, was being treated by a psychiatrist during a university where he studied.

On Friday in Colorado some-more than 1,000 people attended a wake of Micayla Medek, one of a 12 victims of final week’s shooting.

The 23-year-old was a tyro who had left to a film with a organisation of friends.

A full troops wake is scheduled subsequent Friday for Jonathan Blunk, a navy veteran.

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