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Is this the future of Project Glass?

Wearable technology, and computing equipment that acts more like another limb then a gadget, has gotten a lot of attention recently thanks to Google.

Project Glass made a big splash not too long ago at Google’s annual developer conference when they showed several users falling on to the Moscone West in San Francisco. Google’s pretty bent on showing us the sharing possibilities with Project Glass, but it feels like in time that technology could become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Fortunately for those of us who lack a hyperactive imagination, a short film popped up recently that can help fill in the blanks.

I love the world that was created in this film, and how it was all made possible by wearable tech. Instead of a television, there’s just an empty wall that the contact lenses fill in with whatever you want to watch. A trophy wall for all of your gaming achievements that is only visible if you are looking at the blank wall with the contacts in. Cooking assistance by drawing lines on the food you are about to slice, or being able to access the menu for a restaurant just by glancing down at the icon on the table. These are all perfect examples of the kind of things that could be made possible with the projects that would happen once Project Glass becomes as common as smartphones.

I reached the end of the short film and, despite the frightening turn the technology took, would gladly sign up to have that tech. The true form of an augmented reality in this film is the ability to overlay your data and use it to help you in your day-to-day life.

Project Glass feels like the first step in that direction, and maybe something like what we see in this video is what happens after that.

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