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Is this a destiny of Project Glass?

Wearable technology, and computing apparatus that acts some-more like another prong afterwards a gadget, has gotten a lot of courtesy recently interjection to Google.

Project Glass done a large dash not too prolonged ago during Google’s annual developer discussion when they showed several users descending on to a Moscone West in San Francisco. Google’s flattering focussed on display us a pity possibilities with Project Glass, though it feels like in time that record could spin a entire partial of a lives. Fortunately for those of us who miss a hyperactive imagination, a brief film popped adult recently that can assistance fill in a blanks.

I adore a universe that was combined in this film, and how it was all done probable by wearable tech. Instead of a television, there’s usually an dull wall that a hit lenses fill in with whatever we wish to watch. A prize wall for all of your gaming achievements that is usually manifest if we are looking during a vacant wall with a contacts in. Cooking assistance by sketch lines on a food we are about to slice, or being means to entrance a menu for a grill usually by glancing down during a idol on a table. These are all ideal examples of a kind of things that could be done probable with a projects that would occur once Project Glass becomes as common as smartphones.

I reached a finish of a brief film and, notwithstanding a frightening spin a record took, would gladly pointer adult to have that tech. The loyal form of an augmented reality in this film is a ability to conceal your information and use it to assistance we in your day-to-day life.

Project Glass feels like a initial step in that direction, and maybe something like what we see in this video is what happens after that.

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