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Obama, Romney mixed on health care, jobs

MANALAPAN, Fla. (AP) — President Barack Obama is warning Florida retirees that Republican challenger Mitt Romney would undercut a new health caring law and change Medicare, a play for electorate in one of a nation’s tip pitch states.

Obama wraps adult a two-day outing to Florida on Friday with stops in Fort Myers and suburban Orlando, where he is dire a box that retirees would be harm by Romney‘s antithesis to a health caring law and by Republican-led efforts to spin Medicare into a “voucher program.” Romney is gripping his concentration on a economy, charging that Obama stays some-more endangered about holding onto his possess pursuit than formulating some-more jobs for Americans.

In pre-convention summer campaigning, Obama and Romney are sealed in a parsimonious competition and seeking advantages in about a dozen toss-up states that could assistance confirm a election. None is some-more distinguished than Florida, that narrowly motionless a 2000 choosing and could yield a vital boost to whoever prevails here.

Obama, addressing aged residents of a sprawling South Florida condominium formidable on Thursday, jumped on Romney’s antithesis to a health caring law. He pronounced dissolution of a law, that was recently inspected by a Supreme Court, would force some-more than 200,000 Floridians to compensate some-more for their medication drugs.

The boss charged Romney with seeking to spin Medicare into a document program, sketch jeers from retirees during West Palm Beach’s Century Village, home to thousands of reliably Democratic voters.

“So if that document isn’t value adequate to buy a health word that’s on a market, you’re out of luck,” he said. “You’re on your own.”

Romney would offer subsidies — Democrats boot them as vouchers — to assistance destiny retirees buy private insurance, or give them a choice of normal Medicare, with a gradually augmenting age to validate for benefits. Current retirees would not be affected.

Romney has criticized Obama’s health caring law, observant it calls for $500 billion in cuts to Medicare. But Obama would make many of those cuts by shortening payments to use providers such as hospitals and nursing homes, not beneficiaries.

“(Obama) has offering no critical devise of his possess to save Medicare and is calm to use it as zero some-more than a domestic issue,” pronounced Lanhee Chen, a Romney campaign‘s process director.

Romney forked to new supervision total display that a series of Americans seeking stagnation advantages rose by 34,000 final week, a figure that might have been lopsided aloft by anniversary factors.

The former Massachusetts administrator is finishing off a week of assertive anti-Obama tongue with a debate stop in Bow, N.H., on Friday, where he is approaching to replenish his mercantile critique of a president.

Romney has faced steady critique for his record using Bain Capital and for refusing to recover several years’ value of taxation returns. He has attempted to go on a offensive, seizing on comments final week in that a boss said, in part: “Somebody helped to emanate this unimaginable American complement that we have that authorised we to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, we didn’t build that. Somebody else done that happen.” Romney pronounced a remarks showed a miss of bargain about how tiny businesses operate.

The Romney debate has constructed a new TV ad aggressive Obama’s remarks. The debate has not pronounced when and where a ad would run.

Obama’s group has discharged a line of attack, observant a president’s difference were taken out of context and dictated to confuse electorate from Romney’s business record. White House press secretary Jay Carney pronounced Thursday that Obama was “using each apparatus in his toolbox to allege mercantile growth” notwithstanding insurgency to his jobs bulletin in Congress.

Obama was approaching to residence Romney’s critique of his mercantile record on Friday, deliberating ways to safeguard that entrepreneurs have a collection they need to attain while arguing that Romney’s bulletin would harm tiny businesses, debate aides said.

Romney is spending many of a weekend with family during his New Hampshire lake residence before streamer to California for fundraisers on Sunday and Monday. While he has no open events during a weekend, Romney mostly uses private time in New Hampshire to plead debate plan with comparison staff and family.

Romney aides have left open a probability that a Republican could name his using partner by week’s finish forward of an abroad outing subsequent week dictated to refinement his unfamiliar process credentials.

The debate expelled a fundraising interest late Thursday from one of Romney’s 5 sons seeking to gain on a clamp presidential speculation. For $3, donors could win a possibility to join Romney and his using partner during a destiny event.

“There are many implausible group and women who my father would be propitious to have as a using mate,” Craig Romney wrote. “And that’s because I’m so vehement to entice we to accommodate him or her on a debate route with my dad.”


Associated Press author Steve Peoples in Boston contributed to this report.


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