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Ouya: a $99 Android games console

Android is fast becoming the got-to operating system for new and varying devices. It’s increasingly found on a range of tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, and media players, but now it seems the Google-developed OS is making the leap into a games console, too.

Very few details are known about the new device other than it will be called the Ouya, has a price point of $99, and all the games it offers will be free-to-play. Sounds good so far, but it gets better when you find out who is involved in the project.

Ouya lists Yves Behar (OLPC designer), Ed Fries (former Xbox VP), Peter Pham (Color app), Amol Sarva (Peek email gadget), Muffi Ghadiali (Amazon Kindle), and Julie Uhrman (IGN) as part of the team behind the machine.

So the talent to ship a games console is in place, the price point is well below any other gaming device on the market, and the games will be free. That all bodes well for sales, but Ouya also doubles as a development kit, meaning anyone who spends the $99 to purchase one can also develop games for it.

Revenue will have to come from somewhere, and so advertising and in-game purchases are sure to play a big part. It also makes sense to have the Ouya double as a media streamer, meaning Netflix will no doubt get its service running, and there’s sure to be a few music services signing up, too.

All we need to know now is when Ouya is going to ship.

via The Verge

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