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Ouya: a $99 Android games console

Android is quick apropos a got-to handling complement for new and varying devices. It’s increasingly found on a operation of tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, and media players, though now it seems a Google-developed OS is creation a jump into a games console, too.

Very few sum are famous about a new device other than it will be called a Ouya, has a cost indicate of $99, and all a games it offers will be free-to-play. Sounds good so far, though it gets improved when we find out who is concerned in a project.

Ouya lists Yves Behar (OLPC designer), Ed Fries (former Xbox VP), Peter Pham (Color app), Amol Sarva (Peek email gadget), Muffi Ghadiali (Amazon Kindle), and Julie Uhrman (IGN) as partial of a group behind a machine.

So a talent to boat a games console is in place, a cost indicate is good next any other gaming device on a market, and a games will be free. That all bodes good for sales, though Ouya also doubles as a growth kit, definition anyone who spends a $99 to squeeze one can also rise games for it.

Revenue will have to come from somewhere, and so promotion and in-game purchases are certain to play a large part. It also creates clarity to have a Ouya double as a media streamer, definition Netflix will no doubt get the use running, and there’s certain to be a few song services signing up, too.

All we need to know now is when Ouya is going to ship.

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