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Paraguay accuses Chavez of meddling, withdraws envoy

ASUNCION (Reuters) – Paraguay‘s new government systematic home a envoy in Venezuela on Wednesday after accusing President Hugo Chavez‘s supervision of nosiness in an try avert a impeachment of a revolutionary Paraguayan president’s final month.

The quick impeachment of Paraguay’s former President Fernando Lugo drew clever critique from left-leaning governments in South America. Chavez systematic Venezuela’s envoy to leave Paraguay and halted oil shipments in protest.

Paraguay’s new invulnerability minister, Maria Liz Garcia, has indicted Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro of participating in a assembly with comparison Paraguayan troops officials during a two-day routine that dangling Lugo.

Garcia, who was allocated by new center-right President Federico Franco, pronounced several days ago she had information that Maduro had urged a troops officials to meddle to stop Lugo from being private from bureau by Congress.

Maduro discharged a accusations final week.

Garcia done her matter on Wednesday before a prosecutor who has non-stop an investigation.

Citing “the grave justification of involvement by Venezuelan officials in a inner affairs of Paraguay,” a Foreign Ministry systematic a envoy to leave Caracas.

Earlier this week, Franco’s supervision gave reporters copies of confidence camera footage display Maduro walking down a mezzanine in a presidential palace. Other images showed troops chiefs, though there were no cinema of them meeting.

Paraguay, a landlocked, soy-exporting republic of 6 million people that is one of a lowest in South America, has a prolonged story of domestic instability and troops order – creation accusations of troops nosiness a huffy subject.

Maduro trafficked to Asuncion a day before Lugo’s was private from a presidency after a conference that lasted hours. He went as partial of a commission of unfamiliar ministers from countries belonging to a UNASUR informal grouping.

UNASUR and informal trade confederation Mercosur have dangling Paraguay until elections are hold subsequent year.

(Reporting by Daniela Desantis; Writing by Helen Popper; modifying by Christopher Wilson)

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