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Power breakfast: CEOs of American Airlines primogenitor and US Airways crush over partnership options

DALLAS – The CEOs of American Airlines primogenitor AMR Corp. and US Airways met over breakfast Thursday to speak about intensity partnership scenarios.

AMR’s Thomas Horton told US Airways’ Doug Parker that he won’t be rushed into any deals and will methodically review all offers opposite AMR’s devise for remaining independent, pronounced a chairman informed with a discussion. This chairman spoke on condition of anonymity given sum of a assembly haven’t been done public.

US Airways Group Inc. pronounced it hoped a assembly was a start of a routine in that it can uncover a advantages of a partnership between a dual airlines.

Parker has conducted an scarcely open debate for a partnership that would presumably outcome in a new association led by US Airways’ management. He won a support of American’s work unions, that sealed redeeming work contracts that would take outcome if there is a merger. Many Wall Street analysts cruise American’s best wish to grow and contest with bigger rivals United and Delta is by a merger

But Horton has elite to work on slicing costs and creation AMR essential before it emerges from failure protection, afterwards cruise mergers. The CEO wants to cut annual spending by $2 billion a year — it was $25 billion final year — with some-more than half entrance from labour.

AMR filed for failure insurance in November.

Separately on Thursday, a U.S. failure decider in New York authorized AMR’s ask to extend a disdainful right to benefaction a reorder devise to a justice until Dec. 28. The prolongation doesn’t order out a merger.

AMR orator Michael Trevino pronounced a association “will continue to pierce aggressively to finish both a devise and a extensive routine of reviewing a operation of alternatives to magnitude opposite it.”

Horton called Parker on Wednesday and set adult a breakfast assembly for Thursday in Washington. There, Horton told Parker that AMR will finish a devise to rearrange as a stand-alone association and will cruise alternatives including merging with another airline, pronounced a chairman informed with a meeting.

Horton pronounced AMR would shortly send nondisclosure agreements to airlines or other parties that competence be meddlesome in a partnership or investment, a chairman said. They would need to pointer a agreements to get nonpublic information about AMR’s finances.

The chairman declined to contend how many parties would get a merger-chat invitations, and combined that Horton pronounced a list could grow as AMR’s financial strength improves.

This week, AMR reported a narrower second-quarter detriment than a year ago and would have warranted $95 million incompatible restructuring costs — a initial handling distinction for a entertain given 2007.

US Airways orator Andrew J. Christie Jr. pronounced a association was gratified that a assembly took place.

“No estimable swell was made,” he said, “but we wish this is a start of a meaningful, satisfactory and pure routine that will give us a ability to denote serve because mixing American Airlines and US Airways is in a best interests of all of a stakeholders, many of whom have already uttered their support for this merger.”

Horton and Parker have famous any other given a mid-1980s when both group worked during American. In a debate during a National Press Club on Wednesday, Parker pronounced there was zero personal about his office of Horton’s company.

“Tom and we are friends, have been friends for a prolonged time,” Parker said. “Hopefully when this is over we will sojourn friends.”


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