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Queen tours Olympic Park after entrance as Bond Girl

LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II toured London‘s Olympic heartland Saturday hours after she astounded a worldwide assembly by starring as a newest Bond Girl.

The black got a bird’s eye perspective of a Olympic Park complex atop a 377-foot (115-meter) Orbit sculpture beside a stadium, where on Friday night she strictly non-stop a 2012 Games. Her father Prince Philip and London Mayor Boris Johnson accompanied her as she rode dual floors adult a sculpture’s conveyor to accommodate engineer Anish Kapoor.

Dressed in a stately blue silk dress, crepe cloak and relating hat, a black could be listened asserting during a views of a London skyline and panorama adult to 20 miles (32 kilometers) away. She was also wearing a badge given to her in 1948, a final time London hosted a Olympics and 4 years before her advent to a throne.

Johnson pronounced a black had told him she was “very, really tender with a success of her initial film appearance, her initial thespian venture. It was really humorous and seems to have left down quite good with a general audiences.”

Buckingham Palace reliable that a 86-year-old sovereign concluded final year to attend in Danny Boyle‘s film apportionment of his four-hour opening rite extravaganza. Filming took place during a house in Mar and Apr and featured 3 of a queen’s corgi dogs: Monty, Holly and Willow.

Boyle’s prolongation concerned Daniel Craig, a reigning James Bond, striding into Buckingham Palace to chaperon his VIP guest to a Olympic ceremony. Many examination had approaching a famous singer to play a purpose of a queen, and infinite thousands in a assembly audibly gasped as a real-life black was seen to pivot turn in her table chair and declare: “Good evening, Mr. Bond.”

At a finish of a film segment, dual stuntmen dressed as Bond and a black parachuted from a helicopter into a stadium, and moments after Elizabeth and Philip emerged in a stands.

The black offering some-more surprises Saturday as she paid a walking revisit to a Athletes Village and met about 150 members of a British Olympic team. Spectators took in a stage from balconies draped in Union Jack flags.

“For her to come by and accommodate a athletes, and see where we’re living, it was amazing,” pronounced Rose Anderson, 24, a member of Britain’s women’s basketball team.

“She went inside one of a athletes’ bedrooms and chatted to us. It was only awesome, generally after final night,” she said, referring to a opening ceremony. “Last night will never be topped. I’ll never get an knowledge like that again, and afterwards this will never be surfaced either.”

The black also met athletes from other nations in a dining hall.

“She’s beautiful,” pronounced Jess Fox, who competes for Australia in a dug-out slalom. “We saw her from distant final night in a stadium, though it was extraordinary to see her like this.”

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