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Rachel Dratch and Mo Rocca to star in border play

NEW YORK (AP) — Comedians Rachel Dratch and Mo Rocca will be removing down and unwashed subsequent month in a play about domestic sex scandals.

The twin will star in “Tail! Spin,” a verbatim mash-up of a open interviews, tip e-mails, raunchy texts and Twitter gaffes that brought down such politicians as former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, ex-Rep. Anthony Wiener, ex-Rep. Mark Foley and former Sen. Larry Craig.

The show, that will make a premiere during a New York International Fringe Festival, has been dreamed adult by Mario Correa, a writer to NPR’s “Weekend Edition.” Tony Award hopeful Dan Knechtges will direct.

It will play 5 performances between Aug. 11-16. Dratch, of “Saturday Night Live” celebrity and Rocca of “The Daily Show” will lead a expel of five.





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