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Remains of 15 found in ancient Mexican settlement

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Archaeologists in Mexico City have unearthed a skulls and other skeleton of 15 people, many of them a children of roving merchants during Aztec times.

Researcher Alejandra Jasso Pena says they also found ceramic flutes, bowls, incense burners, a stays of a dog that was sacrificed to accompany a child in a torture and other artifacts of a pre-Columbian civilization.

Jasso Pena pronounced Friday that construction was about to start on 5 buildings in a Mexico City area when a National Institute of Anthropology and History asked to lift out an mine of a site first.

Experts suspected a site was an critical rite core for a Tepanec clan between 1200 and 1300. The successful traders vital there were called Pochtecas.

Archaeologists contend mine is stability during a site.

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