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Review: HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Not prolonged ago, HTC announced that they were no longer going to attend in a rodent competition of who can make some-more phones faster. Instead they wanted to concentration on creation truly good phones, so they would mount out and be noticed. When it comes to a One X and a One S, we would contend that HTC achieved that idea handily. For Verizon Wireless, HTC motionless to continue their line of Droid branded phones with a Incredible 4G LTE. The Incredible is a latest of many Droid phones that have been done as a partnership between HTC and Android, and is expected to be a phone Verizon promotes a hardest entrance into a holiday season.


If we have used an HTC Incredible or a HTC Rezound, a Incredible 4G will feel right during home in your hands. The 4-inch inclination feels unequivocally many like HTC’s prior devices, right down to a textured battery cover and chain of a camera. The black surrounding and red accents finish a informed demeanour and feel to a device. Compared to recently expelled phones, a 12mm thick Incredible feels a small chunky, though is still thinner than a predecessors. Despite being a small thicker, a Incredible is usually 132 grams, and a 4.82″ support is still unequivocally gentle in a pocket.

The Incredible 4G is make-up a 1.2Ghz Snapdragon S4 and 1GB of RAM, creation a phone one of a some-more absolute on Verizon Wireless. This twin core processor has been seen on several other smartphones recently, and is customarily during a tip of a benchmark charts for altogether performance. Something else we’ve seen in several HTC handsets recently is their 8MP back camera with a backlit sensor. The front confronting camera on this phone isn’t utterly as impressive, sporting usually a 0.3MP front-facing camera. At a tip and bottom of a Incredible 4G we find a span of microphones for sound filtered calls.

The shade on a Incredible 4G is rather lacking compared to a other inclination on Verizon Wireless’ high finish phones. This 4-inch S-LCD row sports a 540×960 fortitude arrangement during usually 275ppi. The shade on a Incredible 4G doesn’t perform quite good outdoors, and is scarcely obsolete in approach sunlight. At a tip and bottom of a arrangement is a scarcely 0.75-inch bezel, that creates regulating a phone ungainly when compared to other 4-inch devices. At a core of a bottom bezel a 3 soothing symbol blueprint that HTC has started regulating on all recently takes adult all of a genuine estate instead of program buttons.

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE


The Incredible 4G LTE is regulating a Android 4.0.4 formed Sense UI. Despite carrying used this chronicle of HTC Sense several times before, we found a UI quite repulsive on a Incredible 4G. Every time we went to do anything on a phone, we would be stirred to switch to Wifi. To make matters worse, even when we are connected to WiFi a UI feels it is required to keep this information in a presentation bar above any other notifications. It is extravagantly transparent that if we are anywhere nearby something that even looks like WiFi, Verizon Wireless would cite we use that instead of their LTE or 3G network.

Sense UI is unequivocally poignant on a Incredible 4G, both in navigating a UI and loading apps. The energy of a Snapdragon S4 unequivocally shines here, only like we’ve seen on other HTC phones recently. For a Incredible 4G, Verizon Wireless has enclosed 5 apps on tip of their possess government apps, navigation apps, and app store. In total, Verizon has enclosed 12 apps over a apps that are enclosed by HTC on their devices. Verizon doesn’t do any apparent graduation of their apps on a device, simply charity them as alternatives. The initial time we try to navigate to a location, you’ll be stirred to use swab Google Navigation or VZ Navigator. Similar prompts exist in other places, with difference to a Google Play store.

Camera and Battery

HTC’s honour and fun right now with all of their inclination is their camera, and a Incredible 4G is no exception. The camera takes good photos in only about each situation, and HTC’s post estimate unequivocally helps a images pop. In low light situations, a backlit sensor takes a camera on this phone distant above what many other smartphones are means of. The Incredible 4G is positively means of replacing a indicate and fire when we are out and about.

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Another indicate that a Incredible HD stands out is in battery life. HTC claims that a 1700mAh battery will get we only bashful of 10 hours on a singular charge. In my tests with a phone, we was means to keep a shade on while regulating Google Navigator for 4 and a half hours, and still be means to use a phone for another 6 hours. During a day of what we cruise to be normal use, bargain that we get distant some-more notifications on any given day than a normal user, we was means to get closer to twelve hours out of a battery. Compared to a Galaxy Nexus and a S3 on Verizon Wireless, a battery life on a Incredible was officious impressive.

Final Thoughts

If a Droid Incredible 4G LTE had come to Verizon Wireless dual months ago when a One X came to ATT, we design that this phone would have flown off a shelf. As it stands right now, with Android 4.1 on a approach for a Galaxy Nexus and a Galaxy S3 already on Verizon, we would have a tough time recommending this phone to anyone who was meddlesome in “the best phone”. Fortunately for a Incredible 4G, a phone is during slightest $50 cheaper than a Galaxy S3 and is distant some-more absolute than a Galaxy Nexus when it comes to processor and camera quality. At $150 on a new contract, a HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE might not be my favorite phone, though it is still a good phone.

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