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Romney campaign’s missteps have some Republicans grumbling

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – For months, Republican Mitt Romney‘s presidential campaign was a design of discipline, charting a comparatively solid march for a former Massachusetts administrator by a bitterly contested primary season.

In new weeks, however, Romney‘s parsimonious boat has not looked so tight.

Romney’s missteps on issues such as immigration and medical – and images of him on a jet ski during a vacation during his New Hampshire estate this week – have irritated some supporters who are job for a reorganization of his staff and worrying he could wreck Republicans’ chances of ousting Democratic President Barack Obama in a Nov 6 election.

The concerns were epitomised in an editorial late on Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal, that pronounced Romney’s Boston-based staff was “slowly spendthrift an ancestral opportunity.”

“Mr. Obama is being harm by an mercantile liberation that is weakening for a third time in 3 years,” pronounced a Journal, whose editorial page is a barometer of a meditative of heading conservatives. “But Mr. Romney hasn’t been means to take advantage, and if anything he is losing ground.”

The stress over Romney’s discuss has been heightened this week by a opposing messages over his position on a pivotal partial of a Supreme Court‘s statute that inspected Obama‘s medical overhaul. But it was usually a latest instance of summary problems from a discuss that even some Republicans contend is being outmaneuvered by Obama‘s team.

Last month, Romney struggled to clear a minute response to Obama‘s executive sequence that stopped deportations of thousands of children of bootleg immigrants.

The Republican – who trails Obama badly among Latino electorate – still has not come adult with an immigration devise that competence cut into Obama’s lead among Hispanics though angering Romney’s regressive base.

Romney’s preference to take this week off during his lakeside home in New Hampshire – that led to a photographs of a multi-millionaire zipping around on a jet ski with his wife, Ann – stirred some associate Republicans to contend that Romney had blown a possibility to strike a some-more nationalistic thesis around a nation’s Jul 4 Independence Day holiday on Wednesday.

Instead, some said, Romney fed a account being pushed by Obama’s campaign: that a rich Republican is out of hold with a concerns of many other Americans, quite a middle-class electorate both possibilities covet.

“I don’t even consider this is his fault,” regressive radio speak horde Laura Ingraham said. “This is his advisers. This is not Romney, this is a advisers revelation him: ‘Oh, it’s fine. Take a week.’ There’s no week to spare, we have a nation to save.”


Of sold regard to conservatives was Romney’s process dance this week over either requiring Americans to buy health word underneath Obama’s medical devise should be deliberate a tax, as a Supreme Court ruled final week, or a penalty.

Although Republicans were unhappy when a high justice inspected a medical law final week, they took some condolence in a justice majority’s stipulation that a price charged to those who exclude to buy health word was authorised underneath Congress’ fatiguing powers – creation a price a tax.

That authorised Republicans to discuss on a idea that a Obama plan’s “individual mandate” amounted to a taxation increase.

But on Monday, Romney comparison confidant Eric Fehrnstrom pronounced that Romney believed a Obama medical law carried a “penalty,” not a taxation as a high justice had ruled.

Fehrnstrom combined that underneath a identical medical devise for Massachusetts that Romney corroborated as governor, a price charged to those though coverage was deliberate a penalty, not a tax.

That put Romney precisely in antithesis to a perspective hold by Republican leaders of Congress and many Republican voters. Some Republicans pronounced that by stability to plead a medical ruling, Romney’s group was reminding electorate of his purpose in formulating a Massachusetts devise – and ludicrous a discuss from a concentration on jobs and a economy, that many Republicans see as Obama’s biggest weakness.

On Wednesday, Romney seemed to change march in an speak with CBS.

“The Supreme Court has a final word, and their final word is that Obamacare is a tax,” he said. “So it’s a tax. They motionless it was constitutional. So it is a tax, and it’s constitutional.”

Some regressive critics of a discuss reacted with dismay.

Conservative radio speak uncover horde Rush Limbaugh told his listeners it was a rubbish of time for Romney to discuss either a charge was a chastisement or tax.

“If this keeps going this way, we’re going to remove it all, folks,” he said.

On Thursday, Romney confidant John Sununu shielded a candidate’s staff during an speak with CNN.

“I consider it’s a good staff and we consider they demonstrated that during a primaries” by pulling a unchanging message, pronounced Sununu, a former New Hampshire administrator and White House arch of staff underneath President George H.W. Bush.

Going forward, Sununu said, a discuss contingency “recognize that we’re in a discuss mode where simple, tough, declarative sentences are required. This is not a discuss to be won on nuance, though to be won on creation pointy distinctions with a disaster of a Obama administration economically, a detriment of jobs and a pain that Americans opposite a nation are feeling.”


The Obama discuss has been pulsation Romney on his reign as a private equity executive during Bain Capital, accusing him of being concerned in a outsourcing of U.S. jobs overseas. This strikes during a heart of Romney’s evidence that his business knowledge creates him a healthy for a White House during a time of mercantile distress.

The Romney camp’s invulnerability opposite such attacks enclosed a rarely open nonetheless unsuccessful bid to convince The Washington Post to scold a news story on a issue, ensuring a Bain emanate got even some-more coverage.

Such moves led some conservatives to call for a discuss staff reorganization even before this week’s strap over a medical law. Media noble Rupert Murdoch led a appeals, and was fast corroborated by a twitter from former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, who referred to Obama’s staff in Chicago:

“Hope Mitt Romney is listening to Murdoch recommendation on discuss staff..playing in joining with Chicago pols..No room for amateurs.”

On Thursday there did not seem to be any pointer of changes in Romney’s staff. Republican strategists remarkable that each discuss had ups and downs, and that a competition between Romney and Obama remained tighten in voter surveys.

“Publicly chastising a discuss is positively not a approach to be helpful,” strategist Dave Carney said.

An outward confidant to Romney’s group pronounced that a campaign’s position on a medical law “ended adult in a right place, though they never should’ve had anybody on staff out there observant a wrong thing or environment a wrong policy.

“It can be taken as a small pointer of disarray,” a confidant said, “but we consider a large things are going flattering well.”

(Editing by David Lindsey and Peter Cooney)

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