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Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.8 LTE with Retina Display pops up in court docs

The Apple vs. Samsung trial is producing no shortage of internal documentation for observers to peruse, and one filing has revealed that Samsung may be working on an 11.8-inch Android tablet that features a native resolution of 2560 x1 600 and LTE connectivity. In terms of pixel density that’d be right in line with the new iPad Retina Display (256ppi versus 261ppi), though this mysterious Galaxy Tab 11.8 would offer significantly more screen space.

The tablet appears at least twice in the court documents. It’s listed once under a “long-term action plan,” where it sits beside three other tablets — which look like the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 7 2.0, and Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE (pictured). The 11.8-inch P10 is also noted in the roadmap, where it’s situated beside what looks like the Galaxy Note 10.1 (10.1 Creative) and its LTE-enabled successor.

Samsung released the three smaller members of its tablet line in 2011 (as the chart notes), and the Galaxy Note 10.1 is expected to arrive very, very soon.  There’s a special Samsung event taking place in mid-August, and many expect it to be the star of the show. There’s no reason they couldn’t show off another tablet, however. And if Samsung doesn’t, IFA 2012 is kicking off in Berlin at the end of August — so it’s very possible that the Galaxy Tab 11.8 will be revealed there.

No images or additional specs are mentioned in the filing, but with all those extra pixels this one’s going to need a muscular processor — possibly Samsung’s own Exynos 5520 or 4412 — and a capacious battery pack. Hopefully we won’t have long to wait before Samsung fills in all the blanks.

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