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The Surprising Quality That Makes a Great Boss

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was mythological for obsessing over sum as he micromanaged Apple to greatness. But courtesy to that turn of fact is not a proceed to go for many mortal managers, says J. Keith Murnighan, a highbrow during a Northwestern University‘s Kellogg School of Management. He thinks many managers would be improved doing nothing.

Of course, Murnighan is not unequivocally advising managers to literally do nothing. But in his new book, “Do Nothing!: How to Stop Overmanaging and Become a Great Leader” (Portfolio Hardcover, 2012), a highbrow of government and organizations during Kellogg suggests that a many successful leaders nominee probably all a unchanging work to their staff.

That approach, he says, will giveaway adult their possess time so they can promote and harmonise everybody else’s performance. The net-net, as they contend in government speak, is that it will not usually urge morale, yet it will also outcome in a improved product and a reduction stressful life for a leader.

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For many hard-charging leaders, though, disengagement itself is diligent with challenges, Murnighan says.

“Doing zero is not easy for people who like their work and are driven to succeed,” Murnighan says.

Part of a problem is that people get promoted for being good during what they’ve been doing, not indispensably since they have shown signs of being good managers. They need to learn how to let go.

“Successful leaders contingency shift gears and, literally, do reduction of what they used to do, even yet they were good during it,” Murnighan writes in his book.

The rub, he says, is that they feel so gentle regulating their old, determined skills that they mostly have a tough time changing.

But doing zero creates all sorts of benefits, Murnighan says. It formula in a some-more satisfied workforce, a improved finish product, reduce turnover, some-more time for formulation and some-more loose managers.

“People on your group will exhibit skills that we never knew they had, and they will accomplish things that go distant over your guess of their capabilities,” he writes.

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