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Tunisia’s Ben Ali condemned to life in jail

Tunisia’s ex-strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has been cursed in absentia to life in jail for complicity in a murders of 43 protesters in a 2011 series that defeated him, a troops decider has said.

Hedi Ayari of a Tunis troops probity pronounced on Thursday that Ben Ali was judged with around 40 of his former officials, including General Ali Seriati, ex-head of presidential security, who was given a 20-year jail term.

Former interior apportion Rafik Belhaj Kacem was cursed to 15 years, while a box opposite Ahmed Friaa, another former interior minister, was dismissed.

In total, 21 of those charged were acquitted, and Ben Ali was a usually suspect to accept a life sentence, a probity central said.

The other sentences ran between 5 and 20 years. Families of a victims reacted angrily, observant a sentences for Seriati and Kacem were too kindly and criticising a exclusion of a box opposite Friaa.

‘No justice’

“All those convicted should have got life in prison,” came shouts from a handful of kin who done it to a sentencing hearing, that was usually announced progressing in a day.

“Our children are not insects so that some of those convicted should usually be cursed to 5 years in prison,” pronounced Saida Sifi, whose 19-year-old son was one of those killed.

“We will have revenge. We won’t mount wordless with a arms crossed,” Sifi said. 

After a hearing, Lamia Farhani, boss of a Association of a Families of Martyrs, rushed during a sister of one of a defendants, an officer whose ignorance she had proclaimed.

“There is no law. There is no justice,” Farhani shouted.

The defendants were indicted in tie with a 43 deaths and a wounding of 97 other people.

In all, some-more than 300 people died in a renouned overthrow that forced Ben Ali into outcast in Saudi Arabia in Jan 2011.

The suspended boss had already been cursed to some-more than 66 years in jail in 3 apart trials, including for embezzlement, bootleg possession of weapons and narcotics, housing rascal and abuse of power.

Seminal event

The eventuality that sent waves rippling via a Arab universe occurred in Dec 2010 when Mohamed Bouazizi, a immature Tunisian who could find no other pursuit than offered fruit, set glow to himself in disappointment after nuisance by a authorities.

His genocide a following month set off revolts via the north African country, that were shortly picked adult in Egypt and elsewhere.

Since Ben Ali’s departure, Tunisia has adopted a new approved structure and hold elections, that brought a Islamist Ennahda celebration to energy in Dec 2011.


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