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Warning over immigration backlog

Damian GreenImmigration apportion Damian Green has affianced to urge a system

The UK Border Agency has no “clear strategy” for traffic with a organisation of some-more than 150,000 unfamiliar nationals staying on after visas expire, a borders and immigration examiner says.

John Vine pronounced a group, typically unfamiliar students, is flourishing in number.

His news warned that immigration officers did not know how many of those told to leave a UK had indeed left.

Immigration apportion Damian Green blamed a final supervision – though Labour pronounced a news was damning.

The latest news from a examiner focuses on a formerly different problem in a UKBA, concerning people from outward Europe who have deadlines to leave a UK.

Many of these people are students and if they do not leave when told to do so, they are combined to a “migration refusal pool” (MRP).

‘More pro-active’

“There are over 150,000 cases nationally of migrants who have been refused an prolongation of stay in a UK,” pronounced Mr Vine.

“The Agency does not know how many of these people have left a nation or are watchful to be removed.

“I also saw no justification that there is a transparent devise in place for a Agency to understanding with this tide of work to safeguard this does not turn another backlog.

“I trust it can and contingency do some-more to denote it is traffic with this emanate in a some-more active manner.”

The news pronounced a series of MRP cases had grown from 153,000 in Oct of final year to roughly 160,000 by mid-December.

Mr Vine said: “The Agency needs most some-more effective formulation in place to understanding with this tide of work in sequence to safeguard it removes people still in a UK who have no right to be here, while environment out transparent opening targets to conduct these cases most some-more effectively.”

Immigration Minister Damian Green pronounced “Under a final supervision there was no effective plan in place to safeguard migrants left during a finish of their time in a UK. The UK Border Agency is now operative by a organisation of intensity over-stayers to brand those who have not left.

“This includes checking newcomer annals regulating a e-borders database that now covers all flights outward Europe.

“This summer a UKBA launched a UK-wide operation to mislay over-stayers and we have already seen 1,800 removals given a debate started.”

‘Damning conclusion’

But shade home secretary Yvette Cooper pronounced a bloc was “failing on bootleg immigration.”

“The ban end from a government’s possess immigration examiner has resolved that a supervision is giving a really low priority to anticipating and stealing people who have been refused accede to stay.

“We’ve had a failure of a limit scandal, where a Home Secretary has certified she doesn’t know how many people came in but checks. We now have outrageous queues during a airports since of bad government and a cuts to scarcely 900 UK Border Force staff.”

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