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What Earth looks like from a International Space Station

Photos of Earth taken from space are always absolute reminders of a technological progress. At once, these images uncover us how distant we’ve come and nonetheless how tiny we are in a grand intrigue of things–our largest cities no some-more than sparkles of electric light on a aspect of a possess planet.

Photographer Knate Myers recently took that duality to a whole new turn by branch a collection of images from a International Space Station into a brief video. Each support of a video is a different, easily Photoshopped time-lapse shot taken by crews on house a ISS, that means we get to see some pleasing imagery of a world as it turns below. The sequences that underline flashes of lightning and a Auroras are quite dazzling, and a visit backdrop of a whirling creation positively doesn’t harm a presentation.

What we like many about Myers’ video is a participation of a ISS itself. Almost each shred has a bit of a hire in perspective or is shot by an regard window, and it serves as a consistent sign of where a images came from. Seeing a planet’s surface, a stars, and a ISS all relocating together, we get a clarity of what it’s like to be on a station. All photos of Earth are reminders that we’ve reached out into space, these prominence what we built when we got there.

More imagery from a ISS, reduction a low-pitched accompaniment, is accessible on NASA’s Crew Earth Observations Videos page, that breaks all a views down by opposite regions of Earth.

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