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Yahoo! leaked passwords analyzed, dynamic to be terrible


The new Yahoo! cue crack is a small unusual. Yahoo! is a large company, a web colonize even. Yet it was apparently storing over 450,000 comment login sum in plain content on one of a servers. This is a arrange of mistake you’re some-more expected to see from a startup than a association like Yahoo!. If there is an upside to all this, it’s that we get to take another demeanour during a passwords people are using.

The crack seems to have come from a server for a Yahoo! Voices platform, before famous as Associated Content. The login sum enclosed email addresses and a passwords used for Yahoo!’s services. Cnet’s Declan McCullagh was kind adequate to arrange by all a information and alphabetise a tip points.

Of a email addresses used, a many renouned domain was Yahoo.com with over 130,000, though that shouldn’t be a surprise. Next adult is Gmail during a small over 100,000. Hotmail, AOL, and Comcast follow, though there are utterly a few domains.

The passwords are, as usual, unhappy to go over. Can we theory what a many used cue from a trickle was? Here’s a hint: it’s always a tip password. If we guessed 123456, we are correct. Exactly 1,667 people used that password. Then there is ‘password’ as a password, that came in second with 780 uses. Ninja was used 333 times, that is really not cat-like like a namesake. The tip 10 also contains a few some-more numerical repetitions and a ever-popular ‘Princess’ password.

People have been warned about cue confidence for years now, and it still doesn’t seem to be falling in. Stronger passwords are a good idea, though in a cases of terrible leaks like this, it wouldn’t do any good. Yahoo! has to take a censure on this one.

via Declan McCullagh

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