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3 sacks give Redskins’ RGIII a ambience of pressure

WASHINGTON (AP) — Robert Griffin III: 3 sacks, no touchdowns.

Kirk Cousins: 3 touchdowns, no sacks.

If preseason stats could be taken during face value, one could have fun cobbling together nonetheless another Washington Redskins quarterback controversy, this one involving a span of rookies.

For one thing, fourth-rounder Cousins from Michigan State is naturally some-more gentle in a slot than No. 2 altogether collect Griffin, who didn’t get a possibility to learn a nuances of a pro-style offense during Baylor.

Of course, there is no such QB competition. Griffin played with and opposite starters during a initial half of Saturday night’s 33-31 detriment to a Chicago Bears, while Cousins was on a margin in a second half with utterly a few players who will shortly be looking for work. Griffin would have to be unhandy or harmed not to sojourn a No. 1 man when a unchanging deteriorate opens, and so distant he’s been neither.

But he did get his initial ambience of NFL vigour after a comparatively well-spoken entertain of work in a preseason opener a week before. He mislaid a fail low in Redskins domain on one of a sacks and finished 5 of 8 passes for usually 49 yards.

“We never unequivocally got into a rhythm,” Griffin said. “I consider everybody on a (first-string) wanted to go behind in a second half.”

Growing heedfulness aside, Griffin can’t develop if he’s always on a run. The diversion reinforced an ongoing regard about an descent line that was blank 3 projected starters — Kory Lichtensteiger, Chris Chester and Jammal Brown.

The Redskins (No. 25 in a AP Pro32) are pretty carefree that Lichtensteiger and Chester will be healthy when a unchanging deteriorate starts Sept. 9.

And Griffin is also going to need some-more assistance from a starting defense, that gave adult large plays and mislaid dual starters — two-time Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Orakpo and clever reserve Brandon Meriweather — to injuries in a initial quarter.

Orakpo and Meriweather were both scheduled for MRIs on Sunday, with manager Mike Shanahan approaching to hold a formula when a group reconvenes for use on Monday.

Orakpo reinjured his left shoulder perplexing to tackle Bears receiver Devin Hester; it’s a same shoulder that compulsory medicine after a linebacker tore a pectoral flesh in a final diversion of final season.

Meriweather, a poignant offseason giveaway representative signing, harm his left knee when a actor fell on him during a touchdown run by Michael Bush.

In addition, linebacker London Fletcher combined some-more amour to his new spate of missed use work by sitting out a game. Shanahan pronounced Fletcher was “not feeling right” and declined to give any some-more details.

The Redskins can’t means to remove any of those players for prolonged — since a invulnerability is approaching to keep games rival while Griffin deals with a unavoidable ups and downs of his rookie season.

Not that Griffin seemed rattled by his disproportionate night. Shanahan’s best enrich about a rookie’s opening had zero to do with a sold throw.

“I favourite a approach he rubbed himself,” a manager said. “He is really poised. He is cool, calm, collected. He never seems to remove his composure.”

About to take a margin with a Redskins trailing 20-10 during halftime, Cousins pronounced he told his associate second-teamers: “Let’s go down swinging.” He went on to finish 18 of 23 passes for 264 yards and a 154.1 rating, heading a quip that indeed done a loss mins of a fourth entertain rather interesting.

While he’s no hazard to pass Griffin anytime soon, Cousins could make a clever plea to Rex Grossman for a No. 2 job.

“There were a lot of plays that we liked, and a lot of where I’m still training and wanting to grow and get improved from,” Cousins said. “There were some rookie mistakes, though a good preseason diversion and a lot to build off of.”


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