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Aussies, Kiwis kick British for sailing golds

WEYMOUTH, England (AP) — Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! And don’t forget a Kiwis.

A gold medal went to any side of a Tasman Sea on Friday in a winning display from Down Under in sailing’s 470 class.

Australia‘s Mathew Belcher and Malcolm Page, and New Zealand‘s Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie won a gold medals Friday by strenuous their British rivals.

The feat by Belcher and Page guaranteed that Australia will win some-more sailing bullion medals than a strong, well-funded British team.

The Aussies lead a British 3 to one in golds, with usually a women’s compare racing to be decided. The Australian organisation is still alive in women’s compare racing while Britain’s was sent home in a quarterfinals.

Belcher and Page backflipped off their vessel after a finish, causing it to capsize. When Aleh and Powrie came ashore, their teammates and coaches carried them up, vessel and all, and carried them into a vessel park.

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