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Black 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 landing in October?

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3, is currently available in just two colors and two storage capacities. Buyers can choose from either Marble White or Pebble Blue and then either 16GB or 32GB of storage. That makes for just four variations of the popular handset — which has sold more then 10 million units so far — though we have known since day one that Samsung has had a 64GB model in the works. So far we’ve just been told that 64GB model is “coming soon”. But with the release already months behind us, it has people wondering how soon “soon” is.

According to online retailer Clove the Galaxy 3, model GT-I9300MBMDBTU, will be landing in October, in black, with a huge 64GB storage capacity. The product is not yet available (not even for pre-order) and there is no price listed for the SIM-free handset offering.

Online retailer leaks are notorious for being inaccurate — after all, it’s is an easy way for them to get some attention and inbound, with very limited negative repercussions — so that’s worth keeping in mind. Even so, we know that Samsung will be delivering a Galaxy S3 before long. Additionally this isn’t the first leak we’ve seen of the black Galaxy S3. Last week there was a leaked inventory screenshot from Carphone Warehouse that had “Galaxy S3 Black” listed. Again, that’s not exactly proof, but with the IFA convention — which Samsung has had a major presences in over the past few years — less then two weeks away it seems quite possible that the 64GB Galaxy S3 isn’t too far off.

Clove, via Phandroid

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