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Brazil ‘vote-buying’ crime hearing begins

Brazil’s highest-profile crime liaison hearing has begun with dozens of former officials confronting vote-buying charges in a case that could taint a bequest of renouned ex-leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

In what a media has dubbed “the hearing of a century”, 38 former ministers, legislators, businessmen and bankers face charge before a Supreme Court over purported vote-buying in Congress between 2002 and 2005.

Supreme Court Justice Carlos Ayres Britto non-stop record on Thursday by fixing any suspect and detailing a charges, that operation from piracy and income laundering to crime and fraud.

Those found guilty face adult to 45 years in prison.

Known as “Mensalao”  or large monthly payments, a liaison embroils comparison members of Lula’s Workers Party (PT) and Brazil’s statute coalition, though some-more broadly sheds light on a now-reviled practices of a whole domestic establishment.

Lula, a owner and personality of a revolutionary celebration who initial took bureau in Jan 2003, followed in bureau by fellow PT member Dilma Rousseff in Jan 2011, is not among a defendants.

Alleged vote-buying 

According to charges that initial flush in 2005, during Lula’s initial term, PT members allegedly offering bribes to members of Congress in sell for their votes.

Prosecutors lay that a cheat income was skimmed from a promotion budgets of state-owned companies by a association owned by businessman Marcos Valerio de Souza, one of a accused.

None of a 38 have been arrested or seemed in justice and Lula, now 66 and recuperating from throat cancer, pronounced Thursday that he would not follow a proceedings.

“The attorneys are a ones that have to be there,” he told reporters in Sao Paulo.

The ex-president has confirmed that he was tricked and offering open apologies on interest of a PT.

The celebration denied any vote-buying or Mensalao payments in a matter forward of a trial.

A counsel for PT lawmaker Roberto Jefferson, who unprotected a vote-buying intrigue in 2005, pronounced he would ask during a hearing because Lula is not among a accused.

“It is a exam for a Brazilian domestic system. Its credit is during stake,” pronounced David Fischer, a domestic scientist during Brasilia University.

Those concerned embody Lula’s ex-chief of staff Jose Dirceu, ex-communications apportion Luiz Gushiken, and ex-transportation apportion Anderson Adauto, as good as scarcely a dozen ex-legislators in a ruling coalition.


Prosecutors trust that Dirceu, a 66 year-old lawyer, former PT personality and Lula’s domestic enforcer during his initial tenure in office, was a designer behind a crime network.

If found guilty, he faces during slightest 15 years prison.

According to a antithesis Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB), adult to $50m was doled out in bribes.

However a counsel for Dirceu insists there were no Mensalao payments.

“There was no supposed vote-buying,” a lawyer, Jose Luiz Oliveira Lima, told a daily O Globo Wednesday.

“There is no explanation of any use of open money. Dozens of witnesses definitely contend that Dirceu had no believe of a loans and [money] transfers,” he said.

Attorney General Roberto Gurgel progressing called a box “the many adventurous and vast crime intrigue and piracy of open supports ever seen in Brazil”.

The trial, that has perceived sweeping coverage in a Brazilian media, is approaching to final for a month and could impact a outcome of metropolitan elections in Oct that will set a domestic map for a 2014 presidential vote.

Defence arguments start on Friday.

This is Brazil’s highest-profile crime liaison given boss Fernando Collor de Melo quiescent in 1992 after portion half of his four-year tenure in office. A Senate hearing found him guilty of crime and barred him from open bureau for 8 years.


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