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Canada ridicules unarmed US tourist’s fears

Canadians this week ridiculed a shaken American traveller over his criticisms of Canada‘s strict gun laws following what he pronounced was “menacing” confront with dual immature group in a Calgary park.

Walt Wawra of Kalamazoo, Michigan minute his comment of a possibility assembly in Nose Hill Park in a minute to a editor of a Calgary Herald, during a new revisit to a city in western Canada.

Wawra pronounced he and his mother were confronted in extended illumination on a paved route by dual group who asked “in a really assertive tone” if a integrate had “been to a Stampede yet?”

“They approached in such an aggressive, unpleasant and ominous manner,” he wrote, that a off-duty patrolman instinctively reached for where his sidearm would have been had he been south of a border.

“I fast changed between these dual and my wife, replying, ‘Gentlemen, we have no need to speak with you, goodbye,'” he said. “I appreciate a Lord Jesus Christ they did not lift a arms of some sort.”

“Many would contend we have no need to lift (a gun) in Canada,” Wawra added. “Yet a military can't strengthen everybody all a time. A male should be authorised to strengthen himself if a need arises.”

The minute sparked a flurry of ridicule.

A Calgary restaurant owners wrote on a path sandwich board, “Have we been to a Stampede yet? Just kidding, don’t fire me!”

“At a off control (dog park) this morning when dual terriers started to spot my dog. If usually Canada would concede my dog to container heat,” tweeted Connor Turner.

“Ice cream lorry only sped past house. Sir, we have no need for your lovely pseudo-milk product treats. Goodbye,” pronounced Kikki Planet in another Twitter message.

The daily National Post recounted a story alongside photos of gun-totting actor Clint Eastwood in a film “Dirty Harry” and Charles Bronson as a vigilante in “Death Wish.”

The Huffington Post, meanwhile, ran a headline: “Fear and Loathing in Cowtown,” referring to Calgary’s cattle attention links.

Subsequent to a furor, a tourism central pronounced a dual immature group who encountered Wawra were simply giving out giveaway passes to a Calgary Stampede rodeo.

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