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Employers Try New Ways to Cut Health Costs, Study Says

While a sum cost of health caring is likely to arise 5.3%, to $11,507 per workman in 2013, a boost is slowing, says a new Towers Watson consult of 440 midsize and vast companies. This year, in comparison, a cost is approaching to boost 5.9%.

“Recently employers have been augmenting workman premiums, nonetheless they can usually pull a pouch so far,” says Paul Fronstin, executive of a Health Research Program during a Employee Benefit Research Institute. If healthy workers dump out of a plan, self-insured employers competence remove money, he says.

That is because many companies keep workman reward increases in line with their cost increase. For example, 13% of companies contend they will boost workers’ premiums by 5% in 2013, a Towers Watson investigate found. And 42% will usually boost workman premiums from 1% to 5%.

Among other changes that employers are formulation for 2013:

•The adoption of account-based health plans, that embody health assets accounts and health payment accounts, is stability to grow, says Julie Stone, a comparison consultant during Towers Watson

•Some companies, 38%, will revoke associate and contingent coverage, while 29% will use wedding waivers or surcharges, a investigate says. As employees have to compensate some-more to cover family members, it might be some-more careful for a father to be underneath one devise and a mother underneath another, Stone says.

•Nine percent of firms are formulation to offer telemedicine consultations subsequent year. And 27% are deliberation it for 2014 or 2015. It is cheaper to hit a alloy by phone, e-mail or video rather than go to an office. And an workman doesn’t have to leave a workplace. It’s many mostly used for ailments such as influenza and allergies. And it is not deliberate as a surrogate to a doctor’s visit.

•Most employers, 88%, are committed to charity health caring benefits, Towers Watson says. They know it’s indispensable to attract and keep a best employees, consultants say.

But a fact that even 12% contend that they are not committed is also significant. “If only one Fortune 500 association says it is no longer going to offer health benefits, afterwards that will trigger other employers to do a same thing — even yet many are observant that they are committed to charity it,” Fronstin says.

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