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ET creator Rambaldi dies aged 86

Carlo Rambaldi in 2002Carlo Rambaldi’s work on ET won him a indebtedness of cinemagoers wordwide

Renowned Italian special effects artist Carlo Rambaldi, who combined ET a Extra Terrestrial, has died aged 86 after a prolonged illness.

Rambaldi worked with many Italian directors including Pier Paolo Pasolini and Dario Argento though he became universe famous for his work in Hollywood.

As good as Steven Spielberg’s ET, he worked on Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien and John Guillermin’s King Kong in 1976.

He was awarded Oscars for all three.

Rambaldi died in sanatorium in a city of Lamezia Terme, in Italy’s Calabria region.

He was innate in Vigarano Mainarda, nearby Ferrara in north-east Italy, and attended Bologna’s Fine Arts academy.

His introduction to cinema came in 1956 when he was asked to emanate a 16m (52ft) dragon for a low-budget scholarship novella film.

Rambaldi changed to Rome where his work drew a courtesy of writer Dino De Laurentiis, who brought him to Hollywood to work on King Kong.

Once in a US he became a master in a art of mechatronics – a brew of automatic and electronic engineering used to furnish special effects.

Italian executive Pupi Avati described him as “a child who desired to play and make his toys”.

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