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Firefox 15 arrives with insurance opposite appendage memory leakage

In a quarrel to keep Firefox in a brew as a tip web browser, Mozilla has clinging a good understanding of time and bid in new builds to creation certain it’s spare about memory consumption. With a browser itself already sporting a greatly-reduced memory footprint and plug-ins safely stashed outward a categorical process, Firefox 15 has now left fast and brought a add-on leakage-stopping powers to a millions of constant Mozilla users around a globe.

The new memory government underline is built right in to a browser, too, so we don’t even need to wait for your favorite add-ons to be updated. Just implement Firefox 15, and it’ll automatically keep tabs. When an appendage appears to be using wild, a ‘Fox will step in and purify adult a mess.

Another large change in Firefox 15 is a expansion of a wordless updating abilities. They began holding figure in chronicle 12, though now a knowledge is most some-more Chrome-like. Updates will now be downloaded and staged in a proxy plcae and afterwards sensitively copied over when Firefox is restarted. At final we can lick a “Firefox is installing updates” window goodbye.

Firefox 15 also offers some multimedia enhancements in a form of Opus audio support and softened WebGL opening — interjection to support for dense textures. And only like Google Chrome, Firefox now supports SPDY V3, a latest iteration of Google’s web calm ride protocol. It’s also value observant that Firefox 15 for Android introduces a revamped inscription interface — so make certain we refurbish it, too.

If you’re looking for a approach to exam out some of a improvements, because not conduct over to a Mozilla developer site and put a Bananabread FPS demo by a paces? It’s been built from pure, open web formula and offers a good glance during a kind of Web gaming practice we can demeanour brazen to in a not-too-distant future.

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