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Firefox 15 arrives with protection against add-on memory leakage

In its fight to keep Firefox in the mix as a top web browser, Mozilla has devoted a great deal of time and effort in recent builds to making sure it’s frugal about memory consumption. With the browser itself already sporting a greatly-reduced memory footprint and plug-ins safely stashed outside the main process, Firefox 15 has now gone stable and brought its add-on leakage-stopping powers to the millions of loyal Mozilla users around the globe.

The new memory management feature is built right in to the browser, too, so you don’t even need to wait for your favorite add-ons to be updated. Just install Firefox 15, and it’ll automatically keep tabs. When an add-on appears to be running wild, the ‘Fox will step in and clean up the mess.

Another big change in Firefox 15 is the evolution of its silent updating abilities. They began taking shape in version 12, but now the experience is much more Chrome-like. Updates will now be downloaded and staged in a temporary location and then quietly copied over when Firefox is restarted. At last you can kiss the “Firefox is installing updates” window goodbye.

Firefox 15 also offers some multimedia enhancements in the form of Opus audio support and improved WebGL performance — thanks to support for compressed textures. And just like Google Chrome, Firefox now supports SPDY V3, the latest iteration of Google’s web content transport protocol. It’s also worth noting that Firefox 15 for Android introduces the revamped tablet interface — so make sure you update it, too.

If you’re looking for a way to test out some of the improvements, why not head over to the Mozilla developer site and put the Bananabread FPS demo through the paces? It’s been built from pure, open web code and offers a nice glimpse at the kind of Web gaming experiences we can look forward to in the not-too-distant future.

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