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Funeral hold for Ghana president

Mourners in Ghana

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The BBC’s Vera Kwakofi says it is a unhappy and dire day for Ghanaians

Tens of thousands of people in a Ghanaian collateral Accra have attended a state wake for President John Atta Mills, who died unexpected in July.

Some 18 African heads of state and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton witnessed a rite in Accra’s Independence Square.

Mills, who had prolonged suffered from throat cancer, died usually 5 months before he was set to find re-election.

A BBC contributor in Accra says his genocide has joined Ghanaians in grief.

She says his genocide was seen as a exam for a country’s immature democracy.

Mills, who started a four-year tenure in Jan 2009, was succeeded by Vice-President John Dramani Mahama.

Ghana has won general plaudits for a quick demeanour in that it rubbed a transition in a republic famous for a divisive politics.

Funeral drums

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Traditional drummer in Accra - 9 Aug 2012

“Today a dim cloud hangs over Ghana, over Africa and indeed over a whole world,” Mr Mahama told a thousands of mourners who were means to watch a record on vast radio screens set adult around a square.

“President Mills was a unequivocally essence of what has been blank from a politics – civility, piety in service, honesty,” he said.

The BBC’s Vera Kwakofi says people began entertainment before emergence in and around Independence Square, dressed in a central colours of anguish – black and red.

Most of a normal chiefs attended along with their possess drummers who battered out personal messages of grief, she says.

In front of a drummers, dancers achieved – a rambling of their hands and arms all had mystic meanings.

When a troops rope and file carrying a coffin entered a square, a drumming, regard singing and soldier songs stopped, a contributor says.

Mournful flutes played while President Mahama illuminated a incessant fire of observance for a late president, who was mostly referred to as “The Prof” – a anxiety to his prolonged educational career – and “Asumdwoehene”, definition king of assent in a Twi language.

Queuing for hours

The president’s physique has been taken for wake in a bird refuge subsequent to a chair of government, a 17th-century Fort Christiansborg, also famous as Osu Castle, that overlooks a Atlantic Ocean.

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John Atta Mills

Ghana's President John Atta Mills (15 Dec 2010)

  • Born in western Ghana on 21 Jul 1944
  • Lawyer by profession
  • Lectured in law for some-more than 20 years
  • Vice-president from 1997 to 2001
  • Became trainer in 2009
  • Married to a matrimony counsellor

Over a past dual days, thousands of Ghanaians have streamed into Accra to compensate their final respects to Mills as he lay in state.

Some mourners queued for hours, many of them groan with grief, in lines adult to 10km (6 miles) prolonged outward a State House in Accra.

“I’ve been here for about 3 hours, only to see him, though we’re unequivocally going to skip him so most here,” one lady told a BBC.

Mrs Clinton arrived from Nigeria on Thursday to attend a funeral, on a final stop of her 11-day, seven-nation debate of Africa.

She has hold talks with President Mahama.

Seen as a citadel of democracy in an mostly violent region, Ghana was selected by Barack Obama for his initial revisit to sub-Saharan Africa as US trainer in 2009.

Mills, who died aged 68, was a comparison domestic figure for many years.

Between 1997-2001 he served as vice-president to former troops ruler Jerry Rawlings, though distanced himself from his former boss.

He came to energy after narrowly winning opposite a claimant from a afterwards ruling New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo, in polls in Dec 2008.

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