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Geek deal: Up to $600 off a Alienware M18x dual-GPU gaming laptop

For a prolonged time, there were certain opening attributes that were relegated to desktops only, withdrawal laptops during a waste in one conform or another. Then, in a mid-2000s, hardware growth switched marks from a “bigger is better” desktop-centric concentration to one of energy optimization from a belligerent up.

Intel’s “Dothan” Pentium M processors were a initial chips truly designed for a mobile concentration and this eventually spilled over to GPU’s too. The outcome is that we now have multi-core, multi-GPU laptops that give adult zero to their desktop components. Sure, we can eek some some-more gigahertz out of a setup that has no feverishness or energy constraints, though a immeasurable infancy if users won’t indeed be blank anything.

At first, these technologies were relegated to outrageous cover chassis’ designs that were some-more like a server shelve than a unstable computer. As technologies mature and adoption increases, we have systems like a Alienware M18x that are indeed unstable and don’t cost some-more than a 10 year aged car..

While a $2,000+ laptop is still costly by many people’s standards, and righteously so, a understanding we have on a M18x is officious smoking hot. As pragmatic by a name, a M18x is a no-holds barred 18.4-inch cover that packs each bit of absolute record we could ever want.

Let’s see if we can get all of a options out in one breath: 1080p screen, twin tough drives with RAID option, SSDs, twin graphics cards, slot-loading visual drive, twin HDMI video outputs, integrated subwoofer, USB 3.0, and of march there’s more.

While a M18x has nonetheless to be rested with a latest “Ivy Bridge” processors, we still have some-more than adequate performance, generally during this price. For a singular time, we can get a $500 banking on an M18x with dual Radeon HD 6990M 2GB GPUs or get $600 off one with dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M 2GB GPUs.

This brings a starting cost down to only $2,118 for a Radeon complement and $2,418 for a NVIDIA SLI model. Both models come really good versed with quad-core Core i7 CPUs, 1080p screens, 4GB RAM, 750GB tough drive, and more. They are also entirely customizable to accommodate your needs.

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