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Iran says alliance with Syria will not be broken: TV

Syrian official: foreign enemies behind state TV blast Reuters VideosMon, Aug 6, 2012

The site of a bomb blast at the Damascus headquarters of Syria’s state broadcaster on Monday.
The bomb detonated on the third floor of the state tv and radio building, according to state TV itself – which aired this footage accompanied by music.
Five people were reported wounded in the attack, though the country’s information minister said none of them seriously.
He also said he blames Syria’s enemies abroad for the attack.
“The guilty, in the political sense, are in Doha, Tel Aviv, Ankara and Riyadh. They know themselves. They know they have ordered these non-secret orders in the Doha meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers. They talked about shutting off the voice of the Syrian media. This order is being carried out in more than one phase.”
The building houses editing rooms and studios, as well as offices housing government officials, including the information minister.
It is also home to a privately-owned pro-government news channel.
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