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Italian military fast redeem stolen vial containing blood of late Pope John Paul II

ROME – A contingent of thieves aboard a sight stole a priest’s trek containing a vial of a late Pope John Paul II‘s blood on Tuesday, though military recovered a vestige a few hours later, authorities said.

The vestige was found in a mount of fibre and weed nearby a railway hire in a strand city of Marina di Cerveteri, where a thieves had gotten off a train, pronounced state railways military official Domenico Ponziani.

Police pronounced a clergyman began his tour aboard a sight in Rome and was streamer to a refuge north of a collateral where a vestige was ostensible to be put on arrangement for admirers of a Polish pontiff, who died in 2005.

When a clergyman got off a sight during Civitavecchia, a pier city and rail hub, he satisfied his trek was missing. He told military that a male who was travelling aboard a sight with dual others had dreaming him by seeking directions, before a contingent got off a sight a few stops before his , according to Ponziani.

After a few hours of searching, military found a relic, but a backpack, apparently tossed among a reeds, Ponziani said.

The blood was contained in a little potion vial extrinsic into a reliquary in a form of an open book with gilded pages.

Police were acid for a thieves and pronounced it wasn’t transparent if they had satisfied what a vial contained and tossed it away, or had designed on entrance behind after to collect a vestige from a station’s wayside.

John Paul‘s corpse have left on arrangement in several tools of a world.

The Vatican has put a Polish-born pontiff on a highway to probable sainthood. Last year, his successor, Benedict XVI, beatified John Paul in a rite to symbol a final vital step before sainthood.

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