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Latest Mars Hoax: Photo of Martian Double Sunset

The Martian dust has hardly had time to settle after a alighting of NASA‘s Curiosity rover, and already a robotic car has inadvertently generated mixed conspiracy theories and hoaxes. The latest is a built photo of dual suns environment on Mars.

As a member of a same solar complement as Earth, Mars, of course, orbits a singular sun. Nonetheless, a double nightfall image, that was presumably prisoner in a past few days by a Curiosity rover, has widespread around a Web and is causing difficulty about only what it could be showing.

If a dual suns demeanour infrequently familiar, we competence be a “Star Wars” fan. Turns out, a design is a print of an tangible Martian nightfall taken by NASA’s Spirit rover in 2005 overlain with a double nightfall that appears on a world Tatooine in a film “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” (LucasFilm, 1977).




Phil Plait, an astronomer and creator of a Bad Astronomy blog, identified a sources of a fictitious design in a blog post. “It might be this design was combined as a fun and got out into a wild, or maybe it was finished on purpose to dope people,” Plait wrote. [What Would Earth Be Like with Two Suns?]

Either way, it has turn transparent that a trend is underway.

A few days ago, Plait debunked another highly-circulated purported print of a Mars skyline, this one display a Red Planet’s landscape during twilight with Earth, Venus, and Jupiter near-aligned in a sky. It was indeed a computer-rendered perspective combined regulating planetarium software.

And a few days before that, tangible Curiosity photos lifted questions when a hazy, apart intent mysteriously seemed and afterwards left in uninterrupted images taken by a rover. The much-discussed “anomaly” incited out not to be a pointer of visitor activity, though rather a plume of dirt kicked adult by a sky derrick that delivered a corsair tighten to a Martian surface, afterwards veered off and struck a aspect around 2,000 feet (600 meters) away.

With Curiosity photos lucent Earthward for during slightest a subsequent dual years, design to see and hear many some-more hoaxes and swindling theories.  

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