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Modder turns automatic keyboard into Rasberry Pi-powered computer

RaspCherry Pi mod

Recently there has been a series of examples of how a Raspberry Pi‘s small distance and low cost can be leveraged to emanate implausible forms of small form-factor computing. Just final week we saw a RasPi embedded into a battery hold so it could supercharge a DSLR camera. That was an ideal use for a $35 computer, though it’s distant from a usually important focus we’ve seen. Another crafty modder has gotten a RasPi and put it inside a automatic keyboard, creation for a Commodore 64-like computer-and-keyboard-in-one.

This mod, as per a strange German article, interconnected a Raspberry Pi with a Cherry G80-3000 keyboard. The G80 is a renouned choice with typing enthusiasts since it’s affordable (under $90), widely available, and uses Cherry’s automatic MX switches. These are a renouned Cherry Blue and Brown switches that are used in Razer Black Widow and a Das Keyboard.

With a good keyboard selected a subsequent charge was to fit a Raspberry Pi inside. The small mechanism was placed in a back of a keyboard, underneath a F5-F8 keys. It was located there so that a HDMI pier would be accessible from a outside, after a small bit of dremel work. This chain meant that a HDMI pier could be used, though a power, USB, delegate video, and ethernet ports would have to be extended to other tools of a case. That’s not tough to do with USB, though it clearly took some work for a rest. For a time being a complement has no audio, though that could be combined after or rubbed by USB.

RaspCherry Pi mod - back

While a RaspCherry Pi mod has some severe edges — for instance a RasPi house is hold in place with a few pieces of froth so that it can simply be accessed if a SD label need to be substituted and a heatspreader was salvaged from an aged laptop — though it’s a unsentimental weekend plan that combines dual of a favorite things. It’s accurately a form of mod that has combined so most unrestrained around a RasPi.

Preamp (translated), around Hackaday

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