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RIM is looking during chartering BlackBerry 10

Previously, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has vehemently denied that his association was introspective a probability of chartering a BlackBerry handling complement to other manufacturers. Now, he’s told The Telegraph that RIM is doing accurately that — paving a approach for destiny BlackBerry inclination built by a likes of Sony or Samsung.

RIM can’t shake out dozens of handsets a year like some companies, pronounced Heins. In sequence to get BlackBerry 10 out to a universe during large, RIM needs to cruise a options — one of that is chartering a OS a approach Microsoft does with Windows Phone. Heins also remarkable that RIM could rise a anxiety phone and leave mass prolongation adult to others. That’s a trail Intel took to get a initial Medfield-based Android phones onto a market, with partners like Lenovo jumping on house and shipping finished hardware.

When RIM’s initial BlackBerry 10 devices launch in early 2013, they’ll be reward inclination directed during a tip finish of a consumer market. It competence make sense, then, to let others like Huawei or ZTE collect adult a tardy and hurl out BlackBerry inclination directed during rising markets and entry-level budgets. The difficulty is that’s where RIM is next during a moment, so it could be wily for a association to lead a approach for partners with destiny high-end inclination when it’s carrying a tough time offered those right now.

Either way, Heins says it’s still too early to get into any details, though admits that chartering BlackBerry is something that RIM will continue to examine with a financial advisors. Investors have unequivocally incited adult a feverishness on a Canadian association in new months, and it seems that each quarterly news brings RIM closer and closer to relaxation a hold on BlackBerry OS.

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