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S Korean leader’s islands revisit angers Japan

President Lee Myung-Bak of South Korea paid an rare revisit to remote islands doubtful with Japan, sparking annoy in Tokyo that removed a attach� from Seoul in protest.

“I don’t know when he will go behind to South Korea,” Koichiro Gemba, a Japanese unfamiliar minister, told reporters in Tokyo on Friday.

Gemba pronounced he would accommodate a attach� early on Saturday for discussions on a emanate including what “other measures” Japan could take.

Lee was creation a first-ever revisit by a South Korean boss to a hilly volcanic outcrops in a Sea of Japan (East Sea), whose tenure has been doubtful for decades between South Korea and a former colonial ruler Japan.

The South has stationed a tiny coastguard unconcern given 1954 on a islands famous as Dokdo in Korea and Takeshima in Japan.

Gemba also summoned a South’s attach� in Tokyo to make a clever protest.

“I told him we have no bargain of because President Lee visited a islands during this time,” pronounced a unfamiliar minister, who had warned progressing in a day that a revisit “would have a good impact” on relations.

Osamu Fujimura, a arch cupboard secretary, called a outing “extremely regrettable” during a time when Tokyo was seeking family with Seoul that looked to a destiny rather than a past.

Lee’s revisit came only days before a Aug 15 anniversary of Japan’s World War II surrender, that finished a 35-year order over Korea.

Diplomat summoned

South Korea final week summoned a comparison Japanese diplomat to criticism his country’s renewed explain to a islands in a latest counterclaim white paper.

Earlier in Jul it was Tokyo’s spin to criticism when a South Korean rammed his lorry into a categorical embankment of Japan’s embassy in Seoul in response to a proof in a city by a worried Japanese activist.

South Korea has announced it will theatre a unchanging infantry practice nearby a islands in mid-August, reportedly involving some 10 warships, and F-15K warrior jets and other weaponry.

The South’s infantry increasing patrols by warplanes and naval ships around Dokdo before Lee’s visit, according to a infantry central quoted by Yonhap news agency.

Many comparison Koreans have sour memories of Japan’s heartless colonial rule.

Historical disputes such as Dokdo still blotch their relationship, notwithstanding tighten mercantile ties and a common regard during North Korea’s barb and chief programmes.

Political capital

Seoul is also irritated during Tokyo’s refusal to recompense aged Korean women forced into passionate labour for Japanese infantry during World War II.

In June, a South during a final notation suspended a signing of a infantry information-sharing agreement with Japan following Korean protests.

A South Korean domestic researcher pronounced Lee’s outing was an over-reaction to tactful strains and should have been deliberate some-more thoroughly.

Strategically, a revisit to Dokdo would be one of a strongest actions a boss could take, Jin Chang-Soo of a Sejong Institute think-tank said.

“In a prolonged term, deliberation there will be many problems [between a dual countries], we doubt either this is a right time to play this card,” he told a AFP news agency.

With only over 6 months of his tenure remaining, Lee’s recognition has slumped amid crime scandals allegedly involving his hermit and tighten aides.

Dokdo covers a sum land area of 18.7 hectares. Apart from a coastguards there are dual municipal residents, an aged male and his wife.

It is sited amid abounding fishing drift and Seoul officials contend a seabed contains pot of gas hydrates, nonetheless a volume is still unclear.


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