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Somalia prepared for boss vote

Somali President President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed (file picture from 1 Aug 2012)Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has been boss given 2009

Somalia’s new council is scheming to reason a opinion to name a boss for a country.

The opinion will symbol a finish of a duration of 8 years of order by a UN-backed Transitional Federal Government, whose charge expires.

Security is reported to be complicated opposite a capital, Mogadishu, with infantry and military officers patrolling a streets.

Outgoing President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, in energy given 2009, is seen as a favourite for a role.

Other possibilities embody Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali and parliamentary orator Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden.

Mr Ahmed is a argumentative figure for Western observers.

‘Favours and intimidation’

A new UN news suggested that underneath his presidency there had been widespread corruption.

“Systematic embezzlement, pristine and elementary misappropriation of supports and burglary of open income have turn supervision systems,” a Jul news said.


In August, a UN special deputy for Somalia, Augustine Mahiga, pronounced “favours, bribes and intimidation” had been concerned during a appointment of a country’s MPs.

The new parliament, to be done adult of a reduce residence with 275 members and an top residence with a limit of 54 members, will reason a initial event on Monday for a vote.

It now has 215 members, adequate to opinion for a boss by tip ballot.

The new MPs were comparison by a technical preference committee.

‘Critical moment’

On Sunday, member from a general village flew into Mogadishu for final talks with Mr Ahmed and to solve a problem over a arising of temperament cards for MPs.

The boss had halted a temperament cards after a preference cabinet deserted some due members of his clan.

Monday’s opinion was welcomed by a general community.

“The end of a transition should symbol a commencement of some-more deputy supervision in Somalia,” pronounced a matter expelled by a UN.

“Whilst council stays a comparison rather than inaugurated body, it is essential that it cuts a ties with a past of self-interest and warlordism, and is populated by a new era of Somali politicians, including a correct illustration of Somali women.”

The BBC World Service’s Africa Editor, Martin Plaut, says that this is a vicious impulse for a nation which, given a overpower of President Siad Barre in 1991, has seen warlords, Islamic fundamentalists and a neighbours all holding a palm in a affairs.

With a assistance of African Union peacekeepers, a halt supervision controls a collateral though al-Shabab, that has links to al-Qaeda, runs many executive and southern areas of a country.

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