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Tough talk: Romney is looking to change campaign

BOSTON (AP) — Mitt Romney faces obligatory tasks as he heads into a new proviso of a White House race: Repair an picture shop-worn by disastrous Democratic promotion and change a arena of a debate that’s seen him remove belligerent to President Barack Obama.

He’s got opportunities, starting with a large battleground-state train debate commencement Saturday. Then comes his vicious running-mate proclamation and a TV hoopla of a inhabitant convention, where he’ll accept a Republican assignment he’s sought for scarcely a decade.

If a past few days are any indication, Romney will spend a entrance weeks perplexing to benefit belligerent mostly by boring Obama down on a horde of issues. It’s a change divided from a all-economy, all-the-time plan of a past several months.

“Doesn’t America merit improved than a boss who will contend or do anything to stay in power?” asks Romney’s latest ad that seeks to undercut Obama‘s character. Aides contend it will be on TV, though they won’t contend where.

That mark — and another using in bridgehead states that accuses Obama of relocating to “gut gratification reform” by dropping work mandate — is partial of an bid to use Romney’s outrageous income save to criticise his Democratic rival. In many a same way, Obama and his allies have ripped into Romney over a past several months.

Three months before a election, a Democrats’ latest plan in appearances and in ads is to asperse Romney on taxes — criticizing both his cuts-for-all routine position and his refusal to make open his personal earnings They contend polls uncover that line of conflict is effective, It also allows Obama to speak about a economy but focusing on high unemployment.

Of a scarcely $500 million spent on radio promotion in a debate so far, Obama‘s group alone has spent $205 million for spots — many of them disastrous — compared to Romney’s $60 million, according to media trackers. But pro-Romney outward groups have spent large on his behalf, giving Romney a ability to save his possess income for a campaign’s final widen when he can control his possess summary in ads.

Combined, Romney and understanding outward groups, that are hammering Obama during each turn, have spent some-more than a boss and his Democratic allies, $255 million to scarcely $230 million. Romney and a GOP also significantly out-raised a boss and a Democrats for 3 true months. The debate says Romney, a Republican National Committee and state GOP parties have scarcely $186 million in income on hand.

Despite those GOP advantages, a Democratic critique has taken a fee on Romney.

Where a competition was prolonged probably tied, polls now uncover Romney somewhat trailing Obama nationally and in pivotal states after a formidable summer that enclosed a misstep-filled abroad trip. Romney aides boot those polls as insignificant and indicate to electorate who are still on summer vacation or focused on a Olympics.

Yet, dual inhabitant polls found a Republican challenger’s favorability ratings slipping from a certain lean to an even divide, while dual others found his adverse rating has grown 6 points among purebred electorate given a spring.

Romney’s report in a entrance weeks offers healthy opportunities to try to change that.

The clamp presidential preference — approaching any day — will browbeat headlines, and Romney’s group has been relentlessly teasing a announcement.

“I can’t wait to find out who Mitt will select as his using mate. I’m only as vehement as everybody else to accommodate a other half of America’s Comeback Team!” Romney’s wife, Ann, wrote in an email this week, enlivening supporters to revisit a debate website to present and register for a possibility to accommodate Romney and his collect in person. The debate has also combined a intelligent phone app designed to accumulate information from supporters while earnest to forewarn them of Romney’s preference as shortly as it’s made.

Many staffers inside Romney’s Boston domicile think that a former Massachusetts administrator has already finalized his decision. But a preference routine is so tip that some comparison aides are left guessing about a candidate’s temperament and a timing of a announcement. The brief list — if there is one — is believed to embody Ohio Rep. Rob Portman, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

The train debate will embody Romney appearances with Portman, as good as dual others talked about as probable contenders: Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

The debate starts Saturday and will take Romney by 4 must-win states in as many days: North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Ohio. All are battlegrounds where Obama won in 2008. And while a boss could means to remove in one or some-more of them and still strech a 270 electoral votes indispensable for another term, Romney roughly positively needs all 4 to kick him.

In first-up Virginia, Romney will stop in Norfolk, a core of a Hampton Roads region. Heavy on troops voters, it’s a territory of a state Republicans have to win if they wish to lift Virginia in November. He’ll also revisit Ashland and Manassas, northern Virginia cities where his offer to cut 10 percent of a sovereign workforce could harm him.

In North Carolina on Sunday, Romney is attack both a GOP heartland and a Democratic-heavy investigate triangle in a Raleigh area. In Florida, he’s looking for pitch electorate in a Orlando area and interlude in Miami to make an interest to a Cuban-Americans who typically opinion Republican.

And in Ohio, he’s visiting cities where a white operative category opinion will make a disproportion — including areas where Hillary Rodham Clinton was adored over claimant Obama in a 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

The debate is certain to beget both internal and inhabitant media coverage, giving Romney an eventuality to take his summary directly to electorate and exam out criticisms of Obama for use in a homestretch.

Romney has sundry his attacks this week, rolling out ads accusing Obama of waging a “war on religion,” pulling to “gut gratification reform” and perplexing to “use a tragedy of a woman’s genocide for domestic gain.” That final was a anxiety to an outward group’s announcement that facilities a male whose mother died of cancer after he mislaid his health word when he was laid off from a association that was bought by a private equity organisation Romney once ran.

As Aug ends, Romney will get maybe his final possibility to make a clever sense with a republic before a homestretch.

Large swaths of a nation will get their initial tighten demeanour during a former Massachusetts administrator when he accepts his party’s assignment in Tampa, Fla., during a party’s inhabitant convention, an eventuality directed during providing a week of certain news coverage for a candidate.

The campaign, operative with a party, has crafted a module designed to interest to independents and glow adult Romney’s regressive bottom during a same time.

Romney’s subsequent large possibility to change movement in a competition — and correct his picture — won’t come until a array of Oct debates.


Associated Press Deputy Director of Polling Jennifer Agiesta in Washington and AP Writer Thomas Beaumont in Iowa contributed.

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