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Unification Church owner still critical

The owner of a argumentative Unification Church stays critically ill 3 days after he was certified to a South Korean sanatorium with complications from pneumonia, his orator pronounced Friday.

Sun Myung Moon, 92, was still comatose in a intensive caring unit of Seoul’s St Mary’s Hospital after being certified Tuesday.

“The alloy pronounced swellings have reduced so that’s a good sign, though there hasn’t been a thespian disproportion yet,” orator Ahn Ho-Yeol told AFP, adding he did not know a means of a swelling.

Close family members, including Moon’s youngest son and inheritor as church personality Hyung Jin Moon, are all gripping a burial outward a unit, pronounced Ahn.

A few devout followers of a church visited a sanatorium to urge for a founder. They were told to urge during their churches to equivocate nuisance during a facility, Ahn said.

The church’s website has posted a summary propelling a loyal to reason special prayers from Thursday until Sep 24 for a liberation of “the loyal father”, including a three-day quick commencement Friday.

“With their prayers and devotion, we trust a founder’s health will improve,” pronounced Ahn.

The Unification Church, set adult by Moon in Seoul in 1954, is one of a world’s many argumentative eremite organisations. Its devotees are mostly dubbed “Moonies” after a founder.

It is widely famous for conducting mass weddings among supporters involving thousands of couples. It says it evangelises in some 200 countries and according to another orator has some 3 million supporters worldwide.

The church’s immeasurable business sovereignty includes The Washington Times journal and a New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan.

The church also has business interests in North Korea, where Moon was born. He visited a nation in 1991 to accommodate then-president Kim Il-Sung.

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