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Vast volcanic ‘raft’ in Pacific

Aerial perspective of a pumice raft (Image: AFP/New Zealand Defence Force)A navy officer described a floating philharmonic as a “weirdest thing” he had seen during sea

A immeasurable “raft” of volcanic rocks covering 10,000 sq miles (26,000 sq km) of sea has been speckled by a New Zealand troops aircraft.

A naval boat was forced to change march in sequence to equivocate a cluster of expansive rocks, located 1,000 miles off a New Zealand coast.

The surprising materialisation was substantially a outcome of pumice being expelled from an underwater volcano, experts said.

One navy officer described it as a “weirdest thing” he had seen during sea.

Lieutenant Tim Oscar told a AFP news agency: “As distant forward as we could observe was a raft of pumice relocating adult and down with a swell.

“The [top of the] stone looked to be sitting dual feet above a aspect of a waves and illuminated adult a shining white colour. It looked accurately like a corner of an ice shelf,” a officer said.

Researchers aboard a ship, HMNZS Canterbury, advise that a source of a pumice was an underwater volcano (seamount) famous as Monowai, located to a north of New Zealand.

The pumice is expected to have been shaped when lava from a seamount came into hit with seawater, and as it is reduction unenlightened that H2O it fast rises to a aspect of a ocean.

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