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Voucherizing Medicare

So there it is: a draft Republican platform says of Medicare and Medicaid,

The initial step is to pierce a dual programs divided from their stream unsustainable defined-benefit desert indication to a fiscally sound defined-contribution model.

That means that instead of Medicare as we know it, that pays your medical bills, you’d get a pile sum that we can request to private word — they’ll scream when we call it a voucher, though that’s what it is.

No doubt we and others will have most some-more to contend about this, though let’s only ask a question: since is this “fiscally sound”?

Bear in mind that health losses will still have to be especially paid for by some kind of insurance; that’s in a inlet of medical care, with a high though indeterminate cost. So what we’re doing here is replacing supervision word with a module that gives people income to buy private word — that is, adding an additional covering of middlemen. Why would this save money? we theory a answer is ostensible to be a sorcery of a marketplace — though we have a knowledge of Medicare Advantage, and studies of Medicaid contra private insurance, and a tender fact that America relies some-more on private word than any other republic and also has by distant a top costs. Nothing, positively nothing, in a record suggests that this will do anything other than make health caring reduction efficient.

And for those perfectionist documentation, it’s coming; too bustling today.

So where are a savings? The answer is, it’s fundamentally a approach to repudiate health caring to people while denying that you’re doing so. You don’t say, “we won’t compensate for this care”, we only palm people a document and let them learn that it won’t buy adequate insurance. It’s health-care rationing — though by income instead of counsel choice.

It would be distant some-more cost-effective, not to contend humane, to make tangible choices — to confirm that Medicare won’t compensate for procedures of small or no medical value. (As always, people who can means it can buy whatever caring they want). And Obamacare creates a start on that. But hey, that’s genocide panels.

So instead of creation choices, we’ll let people die since of unsound assets. Fiscal responsibility!

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