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KindleBerry Pi: regulating a Kindle as a Raspberry Pi display

The Raspberry Pi as a mechanism is a really unstable section due to a distance and weight, though it isn’t a unstable mechanism due to a miss of display, battery, and peripherals. That hasn’t stopped a few people entrance adult with unstable solutions, like a workstation combined on a laser cut, pure base.

Today I’ve schooled of another, rather surprising approach to offshoot your Raspberry Pi adult to a unstable display: use a Kindle. It might sound a small crazy, after all, a Kindle uses an E Ink arrangement that is setup with a really delayed shade refresh, though that hasn’t stopped modder damaru from experimenting and removing it to work.

The reason this mod can work is since it is probable to jailbreak a Kindle and tweak a functionality. Once jailbroken we can implement a depot emulator and afterwards UsbNetwork, that allows communication with inclination connected to a Kindle around USB.

Hooking adult a Raspberry Pi to a Kindle regulating a USB cable, and afterwards joining a keyboard to your Pi, allows we to interface with a Pi while observation a outlay on a Kindle display. The sorcery square of program that allows this to occur is a depot multiplexer gnu screen.

There’s a series of stairs we need to lift out if we wish to make this a some-more permanent setup, all of that are lonesome on damaru’s blog ponnuki. we should also indicate out there is a possibility we could section your Kindle attempting this. The supposed KindleBerry Pi is really not a plan for beginners.

Although no video of a KindleBerry Pi has seemed yet, damaru says it works utterly good and a delayed shade modernise doesn’t means most of a problem. However, he does acknowledge we won’t be that prolific and that there are a series of improvements that could be done to a setup if someone cares to start experimenting and take a plan further.

Read some-more during ponnuki

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