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Laywood strand lets we 3D imitation with wood

3D copy record continues to take leaps forward. The latest growth is a new strand that uses timber as a primary ingredient. Called “Laywood,” a new holder element allows we to imitation objects that both demeanour and smell like timber when finished, that opens adult another entrance of creativity when regulating a RepRap or other identical 3D printer.

wooden 3D filament

Made in Germany, Laywood as a strand is done from 40% recycled timber that is total with polymer binders permitting it to be melted and extruded like all of a other commercially accessible 3D filaments on a marketplace today. In further to smelling and feeling like wood, a new strand also has a ability to change a tone shade depending on a heat of your holder head. By varying how prohibited a conduct becomes, we can emanate engaging slope effects from dim to light to give your final product that healthy glow.

Besides a apparent focus of formulating healthy looking objects, Laywood has some other advantages to those of we who work with 3D printers. Namely, it doesn’t diverge during all during or after a process, doesn’t knowledge shrinkage, and doesn’t need a exhilarated bed while copy an object.

Right now a cost of a strand is a bit steep, that is to be expected. You can get your hands on roughly 17.5 ounces of a wooden holder element for about $20, that creates a thought of copy a rocking chair wholly out of this new element an costly undertaking. The cost is approaching to come down however as Laywood becomes some-more popular.

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