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Frack Free Colorado Rally Calls for Renewable Energy Future

More than a 1,000 people attended Frack Free Colorado, a star-studded unison and convene in Denver, Co this Tuesday afternoon to pull courtesy to a dangers of fracking in a state. The event, that took place opposite from a State Capitol, was sponsored by a bloc of businesses, non-profits, environmental leaders, and celebrities, including Daryl Hannah, The Wallflowers’ Jakob Dylan, Mariel Hemingway, competition automobile motorist and environmentalist, Leilani Munter, and acclaimed author and ecologist, Sandra Steingraber.

Featured prominently in a Emmy Award winning documentary, Gasland, a state of Colorado has 48,000 fracked wells, with no finish in sight. According to a Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, there are some-more than 5,000 documented spills of poisonous fracking water, many of that have infested rivers and celebration H2O sources. Hundreds of wells lay subsequent to schools, including an facile propagandize in Erie, CO, were children contingency investigate with a noisy, dusty, venom filled gas good 350 feet away.

Organizers called on Governor John Hickenlooper, to rise a petrify devise to pierce a state divided from healthy gas and other unwashed extractive industries and toward a truly renewable appetite economy as fast as possible. Earlier this year a U.S. Department of Interior named Colorado as a primary mark for a growth of solar appetite and Renewable Energy World states that with an estimated 6 million acres of breezy lands, Colorado ranks 11th in a United States in breeze appetite potential.

Actor Daryl Hannah remarkable that a U.S., as a whole, has adequate solar and breeze appetite to appetite the economy 100 times over and said, “In these times of crisis, we contingency mount adult for any other and the life support systems by doing all we can to pronounce adult for loyal appetite autonomy and appetite confidence with regionally-based, purify renewable.”

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