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Beta Battle: MechWarrior Online vs Hawken

MWO Hawken

For whatever reason, a powers that be have bestowed on us a resources of hulk robots this entrance holiday season. If you’ve been watchful for some peculiarity mech on mech transformation in a gaming space, we mount on a verge of several good titles entrance to a accumulation of platforms.

If you’re of a PC gaming inclination, a integrate of these titles have offering some unequivocally sparkling beta programs. While it is frequency satisfactory to decider a diversion by a beta, we feel like dual of these titles have come distant adequate along to get a flattering good thought of that impression of gameplay we competence favor. So, we took a demeanour during a arriving MechWarrior Online and Hawken PC games to see that diversion had what we needed.


Being a new child in city is overwhelming if you’re a mech game. You can make your possess world, your possess rules, and your possess robots. Gameplay can be as sci-fi or as anticipation as we want, and in a finish no one can error we since you’ve managed to emanate a diversion that involves floating adult robots.

Hawken puts we in a crazy dystopian destiny universe that isn’t accurately earth. The beta allows we entrance to a few kinds of gameplay that make a whole pretension feel like a initial chairman shooter. The diversion is grown regulating Unreal, that has valid itself might times over as an engine befitting to a FPS-style of gameplay.

Hawken is quick paced, designed for consistent movement, and clearly consistent shooting. Very most like a normal FPS, we rush to an pattern and fire your approach to a goal. Especially in “siege” mode, where a pattern seems to be to siphon adequate appetite from a terrain to energy a large boat that will journey opposite a sky and conflict a rivalry bottom for you. If missions aren’t unequivocally your thing, we can always suffer some good aged fashioned deathmatch and quarrel until your mech overheats or is blown to pieces by a enemy.


Hawken’s mechs are surprising to contend a least. In a mech ascent and pattern theatre before a commencement of any compare we are offering some simple shaft on tools, that are mostly only swapping one gun out for another or changing a paint intrigue on your mech. The routine feels unequivocally identical to how we would select a impression in an FPS, where we collect a armor tone and arms loadout. There’s unequivocally small time spent creation your mech quite opposite from any of a others on a field.

If we are prepared for drudge outstanding transformation that does a good pursuit of mixing a twitch-shooter skills we built adult in Call of Duty with a anticipation elements of a busted drudge encircle world, Hawken is accurately what we are looking for.

MechWarrior Online

I doubt that a creators of BattleTech envisioned a destiny in that their authorization would grow and change so many times that, scarcely 30 years later, a concepts they combined would be deliberate discipline for large drudge combat. MechWarrior Online is a latest in a expansion of that franchise, rebooting a ancient argument between a Inner Sphere and a Clans for an MMO-style transformation game. The CryEngine 3-based diversion puts we in a organisation formed attack compare with players of each ability turn during a beta. You have dual choices, kill everybody on a other organisation or constraint their base.

The whole diversion is formed on teamwork, typically achieved by a voice discuss complement that is built into a diversion . Matchmaking will put we with sum strangers, or chuck we into a organisation of friends if we have interconnected adult before we start a match. Once we are in a game, additional points are given for mild attacks like spotting an rivalry mech so a teammate can light them adult with missiles from a distance. As prolonged as your mech creates it to a finish of a match, we travel divided with a healthy supply of knowledge and C-Bills.

MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online is impossibly granular. You compensate for ammunition used, armor that needs to be repaired, and each singular partial on your mech. You select how many heatsinks we have, and where they go on your mech. You select where on your mech we store your ammo, and either or not we strengthen that ammo from bursting if that physique partial takes a hit. The finish outcome is implausible farrago in a mechs being created, though also a high training bend for those who wish to only burst in and play.

This is a diversion for critical mech pilots, prepared to build a best appurtenance probable from a belligerent up. If you’re looking for a diversion to unequivocally penetrate your teeth and time into, MechWarrior Online is for you.

Final Thoughts

I was astounded to find that we entirely enjoyed both of these games. Hawken is positively a faster-paced and distant some-more enterprising knowledge than MechWarrior Online, though lacks a kind of fact and organisation oriented gameplay that we have enjoyed in a mech games of a past. MWO’s free-to-play MMO impression of gameplay will captivate a lot of gamers in, though a training bend for indeed enjoying a diversion is so most incomparable than Hawken’s that it’s easy to see some gamers flitting over a reboot for something some-more exciting.

In a end, we felt that MechWarrior Online was a improved beta experience. Hawken has a lot of intensity to be a good game, though we feel like a knowledge will turn repeated unequivocally quickly, while MWO will yield a lot of accumulation and a ton of customization to kep players entrance behind for more.

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