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Afghan army gunman kills UK soldier

Brigadier General Gunter Katz

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Brigadier General Gunter Katz: “The shooter… was shot during a incident”

A British infantryman has been shot passed and 6 others harmed by a brute member of a Afghan National Army.

The UK soldier, of 28 Engineer Regiment, trustworthy to 21 Engineer Regiment, died during Patrol Base Hazrat, in Helmand’s Nahr-e Saraj district.

The gunman dismissed during Afghan infantry and afterwards British soldiers before being killed. Afghan officials brawl Taliban claims he was behaving for them.

The masculine soldier’s subsequent of family have been sensitive of Monday’s attack.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s orator described it as a “tragic incident”, adding: “The PM’s thoughts are really many with a family and friends of a infantryman who was killed.”

The orator pronounced a infantry had stepped adult counter-intelligence efforts and a vetting and screening of new Afghan National Army recruits.

The conflict comes as President Hamid Karzai is due in a US for a revisit seen as pivotal to a destiny of a American participation in Afghanistan.

Spokesman for Task Force Helmand, Major Laurence Roche, said: “This is an intensely unfortunate day for a Corps of Royal Engineers and everybody portion with Task Force Helmand. Our thoughts are with a soldier’s family and friends during this time.”

Rise in attacks

The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville pronounced a conflict is suspicion to have been triggered by an evidence between Afghan National Army soldiers.

Shortly after sum of a occurrence emerged, a Taliban pronounced they were behind a shooting, though they mostly poorly explain such attacks, he said.

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There has been a thespian arise in immature on blue, or insider attacks. In terms of British soldiers, 5 were killed by Afghan colleagues behind in 2009, final year, a figure was 14.

More starkly, all 6 soldiers killed in a stream “Black Rats” debate of duty, died during a hands of Afghan confidence forces.

The Afghan infantry has grown during a endless rate over a past 3 years, a army is now 195,000 strong. But that has meant that there hasn’t been correct screening of new recruits.

The Afghan supervision are perplexing to pill that. Also, a Afghan comprehension service, a NDS, is deploying a group into a ranks, to demeanour for Taliban infiltration. Soldiers returning from leave will be questioned to see if they or their families have been a aim of Taliban infiltration.

There is approval that a Taliban are coercing or constrained Afghan infantry to conflict unfamiliar soldiers. And a grave acceptance from ISAF commanders that insider attacks can't be totally prevented.

Afghan counterclaim officials told a BBC that initial comment suggested a gunman was a infantryman from a eastern range of Laghman.

An central said: “Currently there is an review into a attack. Initial comment and information shows a assailant was not related to a Taliban.

“After he killed a British soldier, he attempted to shun though members of a Afghan inhabitant confidence army non-stop fire, murdering him.”

There has been a pointy arise in supposed insider attacks opposite internal army and Nato infantry in Afghanistan. In 2012, some-more than 60 Nato use personnel, and a entertain of a British infantry who died in Helmand, were killed in such attacks.

All 6 of a British infantry killed during a latest six-month debate of avocation have died this way. A sum of 439 UK use members have mislaid their lives in Afghanistan given operations began there in Oct 2001.

President Karzai is nearing in a US for a three-day visit, that will embody a assembly with President Barack Obama on Friday.

It will be their initial face-to-face talks given a US presidential elections.

Correspondents contend family between a dual countries have been some-more querulous than common in new months.

‘Shared vision’

Mr Karzai wants US infantry out of Afghan towns and villages. Some 30,000 unfamiliar soldiers left Afghanistan final year, and many of a residue are approaching to lift out by a finish of 2014.

Our match says a US boss is approaching to plead a distance of a force that remains, and either they are there to quarrel a Taliban or change their primary concentration to rebellious al-Qaeda.

Mr Karzai’s revisit comes days after a worker conflict that killed Pakistan belligerent personality Mullah Nazir, who was indicted of promulgation fighters to Afghanistan to support a Taliban.

Hamid Karzai and Barack Obama accommodate in Washington - 12 May 2012

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Quentin Sommerville reports on a US infantry returning from Afghanistan

Ahead of a trip, a White House released a matter observant Mr Obama “looks brazen to… deliberating a continued transition in Afghanistan, and a common prophesy of an fast partnership” between a dual countries.

Mr Karzai is approaching to yield a ask for destiny mandate for a Afghan infantry such as complicated weaponry, an softened atmosphere force and medical support.

Our match says a US spent roughly $120bn (£74bn; 91bn euros) in Afghanistan in 2011, a figure that diplomats in Kabul contend will be increasingly formidable to clear since of mercantile problems during home and endless crime within Afghanistan.

Meanwhile Mr Karzai has hold behind from signing a long-term contracting confidence agreement with a US, amid fears that Afghan government is being undermined.

He is reluctant to extend US soldiers shield from charge and is unfortunate that Afghans are still being hold in US-run infantry prisons on Afghan soil, a match adds.

Nato army are committed to training Afghan confidence army before unfamiliar fight infantry lift out.

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