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Exclusive: Property investors penetrating on U.S., Turkey; China stumbles: survey

Mon Jan 7, 2013 12:03am EST

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The United States dominates a list of places that tellurian blurb genuine estate investors would cite to put their income this year, while China has mislaid some dash and Turkey has combined sparkle, according to a consult of general investors.

For a initial time given 2001, 4 of a tip 5 cities that investors pronounced they preference were in a United States, according to an annual consult that a Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE) expelled Monday.

The consult reflected a neatly some-more confident perspective of a U.S. economy and skill marketplace for this year. Last year, 33 percent hold a desperate perspective though 81 percent pronounced they designed to boost their U.S. land this year.

In a ranking of tellurian cities in that to invest, New York and London came in Nos. 1 and 2 respectively, as they did final year. But San Francisco rose to third from fifth and Houston, unranked final year, climbed to No. 5.

“Houston was a warn to us,” James Fetgatter, AFIRE arch executive, told Reuters. “San Francisco and Houston being in a tip 5 tellurian cities, it shows that this is where a people consider a economy is going to revive. They trust these are where a drivers of a economy are going to be – in appetite and tech.”

Washington, D.C., while still a favorite, slipped to No. 4 from No. 3, reflecting investors’ concerns about how sovereign bill reductions would impact employment, and therefore a direct for space, in that city.

The consult of a association’s scarcely 200 members was conducted in a fourth entertain 2012 by a James A Graaskamp Center for Real Estate, Wisconsin School of Business. AFIRE members have an estimated $2 trillion or some-more in genuine estate resources underneath management. Forty-two percent of a investors and 26 percent of a advisers are from a United States.

According to a AFIRE survey, a United States also hold a mark as a nation investors pronounced provides a many fast and secure genuine estate investment. Canada, Germany, Australia and a UK followed in a same sequence as they did final year. Sweden, that was unranked in final year’s survey, tied with a UK for fifth place.

The United States also hold a mark as a nation providing a best event for genuine estate cost appreciation, grabbing 55 percent of a vote. Second-ranked Brazil came in a apart second with 17 percent. The UK changed adult to No. 3 from final year’s No. 4. Turkey, that was ranked No. 9 final year, flew into fourth place.


China, that had been ranked No. 3 for cost appreciation globally, was unranked this year, unwell to accept one vote. Its cities also took a hit. Shanghai, ranked No. 5 final year, fell to 12th this year. Hong Kong, No. 8 final year, fell to 19th.

“Everybody is endangered about China’s economy slowing, and there’s a small doubt about a change in leadership,” Fetgatter said.

Europe also did not transport well. About 80 percent of a respondents pronounced they believed Europe would expected be in retrogression this year.

Within a United States, New York remained a No. 1 choice among investors. San Francisco replaced Washington, D.C., in No. 2 as a U.S. collateral slipped to third, San Francisco’s former spot. Houston was No. 4, adult from seventh. Boston, final year’s No. 4, was fifth.

Among rising markets, Brazil once again was ranked No. 1. China steady in No. 2. However, Turkey changed adult to No. 3 from No. 7 final year. India, that had been third, slipped to No. 4 to tie with Mexico, that changed adult from fifth.

(Reporting by Ilaina Jonas; Editing by Gary Hill)

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