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Million-volt jolt guns in mail

Stun gunOne million volts, rarely bootleg – nonetheless this jolt gun was only a few clicks away

Illegal jolt guns 20 times some-more absolute than military Tasers can be illegally alien into a UK with ease, a BBC review has found.

Possessing a jolt gun carries a limit jail judgment of 10 years. But Inside Out bought dual inclination by mail sequence – that both done it by customs.

The BBC also performed total display military have seized hundreds on a streets of London in new years.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) insists it is rebellious a problem.

Statistics performed underneath a Freedom of Information Act uncover a Metropolitan Police has investigated some-more than 200 crimes involving a weapons in a past 3 years.

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I’m repelled there are benefaction on a streets jolt guns some-more absolute than weapons being used by a police”

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Keith Vaz MP
Home Affairs Select Committee

Over a same duration they seized about 500 jolt guns.

The weapons are legally done abroad – though can't be bought in a UK.

Yet there were no questions about age or rapist standing as a BBC systematic a span of absolute jolt guns from a German website for £60 each.

Both weapons, sent separately, arrived in days. And any came with a giveaway – and bootleg – peppers spray.

At one million volts, one of a guns is 20 times some-more absolute than a 50,000 volt weapons carried by police.

Eran Bauer, of Civil Defence Supply – that reserve Tasers to a UK military – described it as “one heck of a brute”.

After saying it dismissed he said: “That’s lightning – horrible tool.

“I don’t trust we managed to get one of these. That is severely dangerous.”

Pepper sprayBoth jolt guns came with a giveaway gift: a can of peppers spray

Mr Bauer went on: “You are going to finish adult with skin browns for a start, and it’s subcutaneous damage.

“If it goes into a neck opposite a nerves we can only suppose a damage.

“Hit opposite a chest afterwards anything could occur – [it could] finish adult murdering someone.”

He added: “This has got to be stopped during source. There contingency be some approach of screening mail.”

Reformed patrol member Daryl James believes a flourishing interest of jolt guns for teenage gangs is a outcome of a crackdown on blade and gun crime.

‘People find alternatives’

He said: “You can’t have all these youngers [young patrol members] using about with jolt guns – they’ll jolt everybody.

“As we pierce brazen into blade bans, gun bans, people find alternatives.”

Mr James pronounced jolt guns were a some-more effective apparatus for bank robbers than guns or knives – as they left victims momentarily paralysed with reduction risk of death.

Daryl JamesEx-gang member Daryl James says jolt guns are ideal for bank robbers

The Met declined to be interviewed.

But former murder patrol Detective Chief Inspector Pete Kirkham believes jolt guns have spin arms of choice for many criminals.

He said: “Stun guns have been used in armed robberies.

“They spin adult in aggravated burglaries, in disputes between drug dealers – that’s a operation of critical crimes.”

Mr Kirkham pronounced front-line military were irritated by a palliate with that jolt guns done it past customs.

The UKBA was incompetent to contend how many jolt guns it had seized final year.

A orator pronounced a many new year for that it was means to yield total was 2008/2009 – roughly 4 years ago, when 160 were seized.

Labour called it a “worrying admission”, adding: “If UKBA don’t even know how many jolt guns have been stopped during a border, how can it presumably residence this problem?”

Keith Vaz MP, authority of a Home Affairs Select Committee, said: “I’m positively repelled there are benefaction on a streets jolt guns some-more absolute than weapons being used by a police.

‘Must take action’

“How is it probable for someone to go online and get a gun into this nation by what we are told is one of a many worldly borders in a world?

“Clearly it’s critical we take movement to find out what’s left wrong and we intend to lift a matter with a conduct of a Border Agency and a home secretary when she appears before a committee.”

The UKBA declined to be interviewed.

But in a matter it said: “The UK Border Agency, Revenue and Customs and military work together to aim importation of bootleg weapons, and those who find to move weapons into a country.”

The group denied it had stopped counting jolt gun seizures altogether. A orator claimed a statistics from 2009/2010 on were “in a corroboration process”.

The BBC will palm a jolt guns to police.

BBC Inside Out is on BBC One in a London segment on Monday, 7 Jan during 19:30 GMT and national on a iPlayer for 7 days following transmission.

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