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China gets a League of Legends-themed restaurant

league of legends restaurant

If Wheaties is the Breakfast of Champions, then what is dinner at the League of Legends restaurant? It’s a meal fit for kings at an establishment that begs the phrase “only in China” — not only because Chinese culture is rife with video game fandom, but also because it’s infamous for copyright infringement. It’s a pretty safe bet that the owners of this eatery don’t have any kind of licensing deal with Riot Games or its subsidiaries.

That definitely isn’t stopping the fans from pouring in for a hearty slab of meat or a round of drinks to celebrate their never-ending adventuring, though. The restaurant is filled with League of Legends paraphernalia, with the waitstaff dressed up as characters from the game.

There is also, of course, a computer set up in the middle of the establishment to let customers get their League of Legends fix. According to MMOCulture.com, patrons can win discounts on their food if they accomplish various feats within the game.

league of legends restaurant

Aside from that, it is pretty much the standard restaurant fare — you know, deep-fried scorpions, braised snake meat, the usual. Actually, these dishes are not so out of the ordinary in China, and fit in with the lore of the fantasy RPG quite well.

Prices appear to be fairly reasonable. A serving of the signature cocktail will run you just 35 Chinese Yuan, or around $5.60. The more expensive entrees cost around $20.

It was reported that the owners spent roughly $160,000 to get the restaurant up and running. Or, as die-hard League of Legends fans might call it, money well spent.

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