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Microsoft Security Essentials strikes out on controversial AV test

Microsoft Security Essentials has only posted another unwell class in a analogous test, yet a formula this time around competence be value scrutinizing. This latest disaster wasn’t reported by AV-Test Labs — a outfit that has watched MSE explosve mixed tests given 2011. The commentary this time come from Dennis Technology Labs, an appendage of UK repository titan Dennis Publishing.

Back in 2009, a folks behind Avast! did some digging of their possess and detected that DTL competence not be a best source for arguable exam data. Back then, a lab had only non-stop for business and published a analogous that lauded Symantec’s antivirus insurance above all others and downplayed a faults. The unite of that test? Symantec, of course. CEO Vince Steckler (a former Symantec man) told me that ever given he blogged about these concerns on a association website, Avast has been close out of DTL’s testing. It’s a extraordinary repudiation deliberation Avast! is in use on scarcely 200 million computers worldwide.

This time a story is a small different. DTL’s support records that this sold test wasn’t sponsored, though a setup seems to have put MSE during a disadvantage. Security Essentials was designed to work in unison with Windows’ possess built-in confidence measures. It works best on some-more stream releases like Windows 7 and Windows 8, though a DTL exam used systems regulating Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3 and Internet Explorer 7. No additional updates were pushed to a systems. Microsoft has, of course, pushed loads of updates given Sp3 was expelled — behind in May of 2008.

Windows XP now has reduction than half a marketplace share of Windows 7. Is regulating Windows XP in a malware showdown unequivocally a best approach to get an accurate illustration of genuine universe conditions during this point? To make matters worse, Internet Explorer 7 was in use on somewhere between 1 and 3% of computers as of final September. That frequency seems like a plain choice for a test, either.

Then there’s this small gem during a behind of a report: “Partner vendors minister financially to a exam in lapse for a preview of a results, an event to plea formula before announcement and a right to use endowment logos in selling material.” That doesn’t count as undisguised sponsorship, though it positively sounds like something that could askance a findings.

While a Dennis Labs news is positively good for generating marvellous headlines, it’s substantially best to lay parsimonious and see what folks like AV-Test have to contend in a entrance months. And even if you’re regulating MSE we substantially don’t have to panic. Chances are good that you’re during slightest regulating Windows 7 and a most newer (and forever some-more secure) chronicle of Internet Explorer, and both do a most improved pursuit during gripping we out of difficulty than a unpatched pieces DTL tested.

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