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Cabinet looks like a real-life glitch in the Matrix

Storage unit - Matrix

We’ve all seen a lot of art in our time that mimics pixels. Think of an 8-bit Nintendo game, but rather than keeping the objects within the game world, ripping them out and placing them into your living room. What we haven’t seen, though, are real-life objects that mimic the way a flickering image on a computer monitor or television might look. Thankfully, artist Ferruccio Laviani has us covered, and has created a storage unit that, quite frankly, doesn’t look like it inhabits the same reality we do.

Supposedly, the cabinet is actually hand-carved to look like a flicker monitor, and the picture you see above was not digitally altered to make the piece of furniture look distorted. Rather, it would seem Laviani figured out how to manipulate time and space itself, and instead of using his newfound powers for greed or evil, he made some trippy furniture.

The cabinet, dubbed Good Vibrations, will make an appearance at Fratelli Boffi’s 2013 Furniture Exhibition, so the world will most likely get to see the tangible unit, and can judge if Laviani is a master craftsmen like the above image suggests. If so, we’d love to see the unit from different angles, as it would be pretty incredible if Laviani managed to add the wavy visual effect to each side.

The above image — since it’s purporting that the cabinet’s style isn’t some kind of digital effect — is obviously amazing. However, we just can’t quite believe it’s real until we see it from other angles, or even better, on video. The fact that it is showing up for the Furniture Exhibition is a good sign, so we’ll just have to wait until then to be even more blown away (or severely disappointed!) than we already are.

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