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Can we design Samsung Galaxy Glass in a future?

While wearable tech is positively zero new, it is definite that Google Glass has propelled a judgment to a core of a attention. As these concepts advantage traction, it is usually judicious to assume that other companies would wish to put their shawl in a ring. As one of a largest consumer wiring companies in a mobile space right now, how prolonged will it be before Samsung gets involved?

On so many levels, Samsung is a force to be reckoned with right now. Their smartphones continue to advantage marketplace share during an bomb rate, though a association has a palm in only about each other kind of consumer tool as good — their televisions are among some of a best in a world, their laptops are popular, and even their domicile appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.) mount out in a sea of white cubes. There’s a lot to this company, and it is pure they are not fearful to experiment. Seeing a arise in wearable tech — generally one powered by Android — wouldn’t only be an invitation for Samsung, it would be a plea value rising to.

There’s copiousness of room to urge on Google’s pattern for Glass. While it positively seems like an superb resolution given a stream technology, it’s still early days for a intelligent glasses. Samsung’s arrangement record is a ideal instance of how a association could proceed a wearable stage from a uninformed perspective. While we’ve seen headsets that place a shade tighten to a eye, Glass was a initial to do so with a assistance of a pure medium. Samsung could accomplish something really identical though a need for a bizarre looking prism with their transparent arrangement tech, that has been demonstrated on an off for a integrate of years now.

It’s critical to also remember that Samsung has been display off stretchable displays for utterly a while as well, that would be equally good matched for a form-fitting headset of some kind. The pivotal to any of this record is to make it small, light, and to offer users small to no reason to take a device off during a day. Google Glass is mostly criticized as looking ungainly and unusual, so most so that outward of a tech globe few people would wish to wear them all a time. These are problems that Samsung would be singly means to overcome.

Samsung Galaxy Glass

Software is only as critical as hardware when it comes to wearable technology, so that’s another place where Samsung can exceed. The TouchWiz UI that a association has been operative on for years is an prolongation of Samsung, reflecting how it feels users wish to correlate with their smartphones. Most of what Samsung has been operative on here can be practical directly to wearable technology. Using your eyes to establish when we wish to correlate with a device, gesticulate controls by fluttering your arms in front of a device, and behaviors commanded by how we pierce a square of hardware are all things that would work good with a headset. Samsung, as seen in a Galaxy S4, has a singular take on interacting with hardware, and it has been really successful for them so far.

It wouldn’t be a requirement for Samsung to work with Android in a wearable space, either. Google’s concentration for Glass is to emanate a joining device for all of their apps and services, though it doesn’t categorically run on Android or rest on Google Play. The apps built by third celebration developers for Glass don’t duty during all a same approach as Android apps, so it wouldn’t advantage Samsung to rest on Android for their hardware. Samsung’s work with Tizen could use Samsung specific products to emanate an wholly self reliant square of hardware that runs on module tranquil 100% by Samsung, an formulating their possess singular experience.

As with any new kind of technology, a outrageous jump with adoption will be demonstrating to a user because they need to have it. This is, once again, an area where Samsung would be singly suited. Samsung’s new partnership with Best Buy would offer them primary genuine estate in one of a biggest wiring stores in a US to showcase their hardware. Users would be means to come in and put them on, indeed use a record for themselves and see what a large understanding is. Samsung did this with their Chromebooks, and as a outcome it was roughly unfit for Best Buy to keep a $250 laptop on their shelves this past holiday season.

Samsung has, of course, not mentioned any skeleton to recover a square of wearable tech. Like a rumored smartwatch they are presumably operative on, this only seems like a judicious prolongation of a products they already have on a market. With over 8,000 people in Google’s Glass Explorers program, a recognition of this hardware difficulty is set to boost dramatically over a subsequent year. For Samsung to not have their palm in that basket would seem to go opposite their existent strategies. It would be really engaging to see Samsung enter this marketplace within a subsequent year and presumably even contest directly with Google on wearable computers.

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